Operational System

The superior and inferior (inverted) pyramids function as generators, receptors and diffusers of subtle energy, in many types of waves and frequencies, without any mechanical feed. They are found on all the vertexes, forming a unique central axis, in the superior and inferior areas. Meanwhile, it is the inferior pyramid that regulates the dose of emission, diffusion and transmutation of these subtle fields.

sistema operacional 01 altaIn fact, this generator is an energy conductor that transports a type of dielectrical energy. Some minerals and dielectrical devices with similar polar axis can acquire, under pressure, a relative positive electrical charge at one end and a negative one at the other end. This phenomenon is known as “piezoelectricity”. If you were to apply tension along the polar axis, the charge would be transformed into electromagnetic or electroprotonic frequency with different wavelengths and widths. The internal generator of the operational system of both the inferior and superior pyramids is composed of subtle beams which are located symmetrically all along the crystalline structure of the pyramids, and triggered by a natural source of emission: “the silicon molecules (SiO²) which form the crystalline reticule and are pressed by gravity against the metal base of the apparatus”.

Conjunto operacional B alta

This source provides for the release of a continuous flow of sub-atomic particles, like the neutrinos, for example. Aside from infinite subtle energies that will work together and have a positive interference with our organo-electronic system, which is even being felt by the DNA crystalline system, these beams travel in fluxes or irradiating currents in the “tunnels” of the structures of the crystalline particles along the entire crystal axis of the device. These fluxes are produced very close to the intersection between the electronic discs and the proton cubes that are engraved on the upper pyramid. In these positions, the systems of subtle or minor waves that penetrate the tunnels are compressed and they end up following the spin of the electronic discs. Therefore, they are being released as fluxes in the local spatial environment, following the principle of the device.

image005 alta

The rotation speeds of the systems forming part of the perimeter of the discs and working on the crystal base of the superior pyramid produce sinusoidal waves, which have a greater speed than light. Thus, we can affirm that the component systems of the fluxes irradiating from the crystalline generator develop extremely fast rotations while they propagate in the sinusoidal waves. In this manner, the systems that form part of the sinusoidal waves, on top of propagating at the speed of light like electromagnetic waves, are also combined with these waves, acquiring, as they spin, a greater speed than that of light.

Thus, the electron discs that make up the proton cubes which are gyrating at peripheral speeds of over 300,000 k/s provide that speed to the electromagnetic sinusoidal waves which in turn transmutate different types of frequencies. These can interfere with any field within human beings and can therefore deactivate the parasitic charges of photonic, electromagnetic or geopathogenic origin. They interact with our consciousness, activating it profoundly.

The inferior pyramid is the “dosifyer” for this electromagnetic and eletroprotonic energy, as was said above.

The receiving, dosifying and dissipating ensembles are intended to maintain the whole system of frequency transmutation described above in a stable and balanced state; the said transmutation of harmonic and subtle energies will then be liberated rhythmically by the inferior pyramid, which is inverted, providing doses in the form of atomic field sub-particles to the waves that could be produced in the tunnel of crystalline vertices found on the molecular axis of the crystals, which, as was described above, have been previously processed by the big crystal of the bigger pyramid. Such liberation will interact with the whole apparatus reaching the radionic symbols and directing the subtle field toward the bobbin (Chartres’ labyrinth) where it is then being filtered by the SCAP and dissipated by the actual physical or extra physical momentum.

The system is therefore totally random in relation to limits or parameters like dimension, time, space and mass, since, even a neutrino, be it electron or muon, is a sub-particle or wave liberated by the Energy Point. They can travel incalculable distances in the many “universes”. If we were to consider that they may enter into a micro opening, black or white, we will never know in which dimension or time they will be, let alone what kind of mass they will be crossing.

The generator/dosifyer ensemble is self-recharging on a continuous basis, instantly, constantly and for an undetermined period. It will, on its own, recharge its capacity for generating energy. I believe it can charge itself for thousands of years, from all and any quantity of energy that it may release in the form of sinusoidal fluxes, but, depending on the type of mental command imprinted in the system, it can, and will, stop or “freeze” such a generation of subtle energy, since the device functions exclusively in the field of mental frequency of its owner which was installed at the time it was connected or activated.

The transfer of energy (frequency) from one pyramid to the other happens at the point of contact on their surface but it is also diffused by the superior pyramid which, being attracted to the metal base by gravity, possesses a greater neutronic release. Strangely, this resembles the basic molecular structure of the silicates in the subsection called “silicate cycle”. We will examine this issue later on.



A mineral is a natural substance. It is homogeneous and, most of the time, it is inorganic and solid. However, the crystals obtained by man as a result of the evaporation of solutions or sublimation of a gas or solidification of melted material, are not “minerals” properly speaking but “artifacts”. That is why they remain homogeneous, since the component particles (ions, atoms, molecules) are repeated in the same order and at regular intervals in the crystalline structure. It is also the case with solids, insofar as they have their own volume and dimension, solids and their component parts are united by a great force of cohesion. The said particles can be found structured in a perfect order, and in that case, producing crystals.

The above picture is an example of the crystalline structure of sodium chloride.


The crystal of the Energy Point device is, therefore, an artifact. Its regular arrangements of the molecules forming the crystalline reticule are symmetric bodies and the elements are the facets, the edges and vertices, which are physically equivalent. The crystal can be divided along “a specular plane” called “symmetry plane”. In its solid state, a crystal is a three-dimensional order of particles arranged according to a definite pattern of repetitions. These particles (atoms, molecules or ions) occupy the vertices of minuscule parallelograms that, if arranged in line and in columns, they form the so-called “reticular space”. The particles located on the vertices of the parallelograms, or unit cells, are “nodes”, or points of interconnection in the structure.

A series of nodes, arranged in the same direction, form a “line” and several lines pointing in the same direction form a “reticular plane”.

sistema_7_small sistema_8_small

Reticular Structure of the Crystal particles

There are 14 basic cells, also known as spatial reticules, superimposed or inter- related in such a way that they can cover all the possible combinations of points in space.

The system and type of crystallization identify the crystal with utmost precision. The “form” is the group of facets that are physically equivalent and mutually bound by symmetrical elements. Many forms can be occurring in a crystal.

Crystal Form Designs:

The type of crystal at the center of the Energy Point pyramids belongs to the silicates’ group.

All silicates contain silicon (Si), a tetravalent element. The structural analysis shows that the silicon ion (Si4+) is always at the center of a tetrahedron which vertices are occupied by 4 oxygen ions (O²). This is how silica (SiO4)4 -the basic structure of silicates, and consequently of the crystals in the device- is formed, and in the case of the molecular structure of the artifact, we know that the sub-class to which the Point crystal belongs is that of the silicate cycles, where 3,4, or 6 (the most usual form of all) molecules come together by forming rings that are very similar to a 6 point star.

Silicate cycle

In studying the different forms of crystals, it is very important to define the system of the crystal axes and the position of the facets. This is done by choosing 3 reference axes in accordance with the crystal, and three of its edges that are not located on the same plane, that is a three dimensional analysis. The lines, which are parallel to the edges and intersect at a point inside the crystal, form the “crystalographic axes”, which on the whole constitute the “system of axes”. The axis located in front of the observer is the “x” axis. The horizontal axis, parallel to the observer is “y”; and the vertical axis is the “z”. The positive directions of each axis are as follows:

For x, from the center of origin toward the observer

For y, from the center of origin to the right of the observer

For z, from the center of origin in an upward direction


Crystalline Axis systems

The positive directions of each axis form angles that are defined as follows:

a =yz ß=xz ?=xy

In the most simple case, a=ß=?= 90° (alpha, beta and gamma are called the “angular constants” of the crystal).

image026 alta

A study known as the Law of Hauy suggests that the indexes of a crystal facet are represented by rational and surprisingly low numbers. Hauy came to this formula based on his own concept of the crystalline structure, seen as a periodic and three-dimensional repetition of the smallest existing solid. All experimental observations confirm his theory. It is true that in fact no one refers to these solids when they form part of a crystal, they rather refer to atoms, ions and molecules. Nevertheless, the spatial distribution of particles envisioned by Hauy was correct.


Now let us see how diamond crystals are arranged:

Just think of the similarity between the triangular UFOs and the equation proposed by Hauy on the design of crystalline structure!
Crystals have variable symmetries. Some have a reflection plane, a binary axis and a symmetry axis; others also present the same symmetry axis but can have up to nine reflection planes, four ternary axes, three quaternary axes and six binary axes! This generates an extremely complex equation of symmetries.
There are 32 possible combinations of symmetry elements. The said combinations determine the various classes of crystals and express the potential symmetry of any crystal. The degree of symmetry is what determines and indicates the sum of the various elements such as planes, axes, and centers, which are typical of each type. The crystalographic constants of each type indicate the basis on which they can be “regrouped by systems” (I would like to specifically bring to your attention the term REGROUPED, since it will have a profound link with the Hyades studies which will be analyzed at the end of this document).

sistema_15_smallEach system includes the classes that have similar axis systems and the same parametric ratio. In each class, the crystal forms are indicated with an index between brackets, whereby the indexes on the main face are the ratio to its parameters; therefore, the indexes will be (111). It is thus concluded that the class is indicated by the {111} formula and the main face by (111).

Therefore, according to the parametric ratio of the main face, there are seven systems that in turn are being regrouped in three categories:

1) ISOMETRIC- Exclusively made up by the cubic system (homonym), with a main face that determines three equal parameters in the crystalographic axes.
2) DIMETRIC- Made up by the hexagonal, trigonal and tetragonal systems, where the main face produces two different values in the crystalographic axes.

3) TRIGONAL- IT IS THE ENERGY POINT DEVICE SYSTEM IN ITS CRYSTALLINE SYMMETRY- Made up by monoclinic and triclinic orthorhombic systems (the format of the whole Energy Point Crystalline structure) in which the main face produces three different values in the crystalographic axes.


The facets of the Energy Point crystal are, therefore, trimetrical and

formed by the orthorhombic systems in which the main face produces three different values in the different crystalographic axes.


Trimetric Face

sistema_18Form of the crystalline system: Rhombic (hkl) biyramid

Sytem: orthorhombic

Crsytalographic constants: a=ß=?= 90° (a:b:c)

sistema_20_smallClass number: 3

More symmetrical class: bipyramidal rhombic, 3P, 3A2, C

Tipo: A²

Trimetric system in the Point

Another very interesting similarity: a type of bipyramidal rhombic UFO?

Everything goes to show that the aliens somehow have a very high level of knowledge of crystalline structures and probably this knowledge enables them, somehow, to transport themselves and enjoy technological development!

Pellicular- As the subtle frequencies processed by the device are very high, there is now way to transport them through the conductors. These frequencies spread out in all directions, taking the form of waves, forming concentric and symmetrical circles around the whole Point.

This presupposes that this is the way the superior pyramid synthesizes the subtle waves, by catching and transmutating frequency particles through the sinusoidal fluxes of subtle energy, along the “Pellicular Principle”. The dosifyer should also function along the same principle. The levels of micro voltage of the crystalline whole and of the base of the Point practically do not emit any voltage field. Theoretically, they are in the order of “m.v.”, so that the impedance factor is really low between the pyramids, on account that the frequencies processed might be high: (MHz) or (GHz). Similarly, the damping factor requires only low tension to be able to transform the operational device through transmutation of frequencies into oscillating waveforms.


Going back to the graphic representation of the pyramid format, we need to observe that the pyramids are aligned along the same axis. This condition occurs beyond the ones we have already explained, since they also carry other important functions such as:

        1. a) Keep the whole system aligned along a ZENITH-NADIR axis, which aside from maintaining the whole geometrically aligned, it also works as a conductor for the other part of the device, the metal base.
        1. b) The axis is related to the vectorial celestial planet/space alignment. We have to remember that the line of the Celestial Equator is positioned at 0° in relation to the Sun, that is, the Earth keeps a closed orbit with this line, which is situated at the centre of the Sun. Other planets have an orbit that is inclined at an angle with the Celestial Equator. On this line, we find the elliptical phases of the planets’ orbits.

Below the vertex of the inferior pyramid is the labyrinth, which coincides exactly with the same axis of the whole pyramid. The labyrinth works as an inducting bobbin, as a low inductance factor which receives the continuous and intermittent discharges from the waves released by the “dosifyer” (the inverted pyramid) coming from the generator and located right in the centre of their molecular nuclei. This frequency emission can happen due to a high-speed dielectrical system in its subtle axis, as we have already described.



The bobbin’s (Chartres’ Labyrinth) function is to pick up the energy flux that can eventually load electromagnetic or electroprotonic frequencies causing a short in the electromagnetic harmonic charge. The said electromagnetic waves could imprint “parasitic charges” on the organism, in the event they were not treated appropriately by the device (we will look at this later on). This creates an isolated gravity field or anti-gravity, since the Energy Point device uses a frequency transfer to translocate the frequency between the vertex of the minor pyramid and the nucleus of the bobbin (I will comment on this later), under the dielectrical or subtle condition. We must consider the action of the neutrinos in this process, particularly the muon neutrino which is the very sub-particle being released by the Energy Point device.



The neutrino is described as a particle without mass and without electrical charge, due to the fact that these values are so infinitely small.

Its interaction with matter occurs through the thinner or weak basic force of nature, and it is an eventual action. The neutrinos belong to the Lepton family, and so do the MUON and the well-known ELECTRON. The PROTON and the NEUTRON already belong to another compound particle family formed by the QUARKS. The quarks are subject to the four fundamental forces known until now:

a-) Gravitational Force

b -) Strong Nuclear Force

c -) Electromagnetic Force

d -) Thin Nuclear Force

e -) Electroprotonic Force

Gravitational Force: It is the most fundamental of the forces, its action depends on the mass of the particles; the greater the outside mass, the more intense the force.

Ex.: GRAVITONS à Particles that transmit force between planets, stars and galaxies.

Strong Nuclear Force: It appeared second in the evolution of the Universe; it unites the QUARKS to the PROTONS. It does not intervene with the ELECTRONS and their family.

Ex.: GLUONS à Particles that transmit force between ELECTRONS and the ATOMIC NUCLEUS.

Electromagnetic Force: It only appears in the particles that have an electrical charge. It does not exist in corpuscles like the NEUTRON. This was the third force to distinguish itself in the history of the Universe.

Ex.: PHOTONS à Particles that transmit force between ELECTRONS and the ATOMIC NUCLEUS.

Thin Nuclear Force: It is responsible for the disintegration of some particles; it works for the QUARK family as well as with the ELECTRONS.

Ex.: BOSONS à Particles that transmit force between NEUTRONS and PROTONS in the ATOMIC NUCLEUS.

Electroprotonic Force: The thesis on the ELECTROPROTONIC force is defended by the Brazilian investigator, Jose Franco Carvalho. In his thesis, Jose Franco sustains that similar ELECTROPROTONIC sinusoidal waves are produced by the systems of material tunnels through which particles of PROTONS and ELECTRONS circulate.

LEPTONS: Within them, the neutrinos are not affected by the strong force. The interaction between the “hard” and “electromagnetic” forces generates a mechanism that transforms QUARKS into LEPTONS.QUARKS into LEPTONS.

The Earth moves in the middle of a dense cloud of neutrinos in which there is an average “N” of neutrinos by cm³. This occurs in anything and any volume of the Universe. Nevertheless, in spite of their great quantity, the neutrinos are not permanent and their existence is ephemeral. These particles are forming and disappearing all the time in the Universe. Neutrinos are therefore sub-atomic particles, among which the best known types are the following:



ELECTRON NEUTRINOS: They belong to the neutrinos created by the Sun and by all the stars, greater or smaller than it, that exist in the Universe. Those particles occupy all the spaces in the Universe and, therefore, they are found everywhere.

The neutrinos have a mass almost equal to zero. I said “almost” because, at the moment, atomic scientists attribute some mass to the neutrino. Such attribution is due to the acknowledgement of the effects of interactive mechanisms that act on the neutrinos and other particles of the Universe; under this action, the neutrinos, as well as other particles, end up transmuting in sub-particles that are entirely different from the original ones, and that is why it is still very difficult for the scientific community to find them. This process is so expensive that only governments can engage in it. This procedure of catching them for analysis by means of instruments, demands the construction of great underground tanks containing tons and tons of the purest water mixed with some amount of chlorine atoms; these tanks are called bubble cameras or Wilson’s cameras; through countless extremely sensible sensors, the study analyzes precisely the moment at which a TAO, or neutrino electron particle, traverses the water of the tank. The result of this neutron trip through the water will probably be of vital importance for a better understanding of the Universe and its interaction with our cellular environment.

2- MUON NEUTRINOS: Muon neutrinos show characteristics that are intimately related to the existence of CRYSTALS and of organic life. Their characteristics are truly similar to those of the ELECTRON NEUTRINOS, but due to the inversion of the facet and the existence of a more consistent mass, those neutrinos can be caught with much greater mass and facility, even by electronic systems built into computers. At the subtle level, the Energy Point catches, transmutes and dissipates those neutron particles in a process similar to the transmutation of QUARKS into LEPTONS.

Just as the Neutrinos, they have “organic” characteristics and they are also produced within organisms by “compression of the ionic membranes”, which in this case works like the piezoelectric CRYSTALS, that is, once compressed, they produce the MUON NEUTRINOS, as a reaction to the mechanical stimulus. The orgasm, for example, is one of the greatest producer of muon neutrinos amongst all organisms, due to the great amount of ionic compressions caused by the contractions and spasmodic distensions of the ionic membranes that happen during the orgasmic event. The muon neutrinos play a “protective” role for live organisms by avoiding the development of “LOCAL SYMMETRY ISOTOPIC SPIN – L.S.I.S.” caused by photons (theory of Yang-Mills).

The origin of all degenerative processes in an organism comes from the development of PARASITIC charges due to S.I.S.L. The human body is surrounded by a special field constituted by sub-atomic particles called NEUTRINOS of the MUON type, produced in ionic membranes, mainly in the peritoneum, which are very rich in potassium, therefore the importance of the orgasmic event being as constant as possible in the human being.

When PHOTONS or WAVES cross the neutronic field and reach an atomic structure, they then give rise to the “local symmetry isotopic spin” which then produces a “parasitic charge”.


The electromagnetic spectrum includes a wide range of wavelengths and frequencies that goes from very long waves, with the corresponding low frequencies- radio waves- going through the infrared waves and the visible light waves, to very high frequencies (corresponding to short wavelengths, or simply put, short waves) of X and Gamma rays. The wavelengths in the range of the visible light have specific colors, taking on every one of them as they go through a prism. The lowest frequencies, longer wavelengths, produce the red color, whereas the highest frequencies, with shorter wavelengths, the purple color. The wavelengths produced between these two points are orange, yellow, green and blue, which are also found in the visible region of the electromagnetic spectra.




The total of all possible frequencies is called the “Electromagnetic spectrum” and is normally divided in two main areas: Non-Ionizing Radiation Waves or (NIRW) and Ionizing Radiation Waves or (IRW).

A-) The IRWs are made up of photons with sufficient energy to produce ions as they go through matter, that is, they are able “to take away” muon ELECTRONS (neutrinos) from atoms and molecules in the cells. In relation to the biological matter that forms the human body, these electromagnetic radiations of greater frequency and lesser wavelength (f>2,4×1015 Hertz), have sufficient energy to cause ionization, and a consequent parasitic charge will take hold, most likely in the form of an auto-immune disease, since the organism is getting ready to attack “a virtual” invader, once it actually ceases to exist (materially). What muon ELECTRONS (neutrinos) are taking away from the atoms and molecules of the cells, are waves and not viruses or bacteria and such an auto-immune process can lead to different types of cancer, especially leukemia.

B -) The NIRWs, unlike the IRWs, do not have sufficient energy to remove muon ELECTRONS (neutrinos) from atoms and molecules in the cells and they do not form ions, meanwhile, due to their weaker energy, these ELECTRONS vibrate in diverse degrees and depending on their frequency, they can cause cellular heating with the corresponding loss of potassium in the cell which enters into metabolic confusion. Among the already stated effects of the NIRWs, you can find possible cancers, genetic mutations, decreased immunity, irritation of the nervous system, depression, etc. Therefore, the biological effects of the NIRWs are diverse. Therefore, there are two clear health hazards that come form the frequency radiation waves:

1 -) CURRENT INDUCTION: Induction of current in the interior of the body by low frequency (less than 100 KHz) = dislocated electrons.

2 -) ABSORPTION OF ENERGY: The elevation of temperature caused by the density of the induced current -high frequency, superior to 100 mA/m²- causes adverse muscle and nerve reactions, with the corresponding increase of temperature in the order of 1° to 2°. An intermittent febrile state is thus created. We have to remember that this febrile state is a response of the cell, a general increase in the cellular temperature, an acceleration of the metabolism – that is known as “induction of quantitative metabolic dysfunctions”.

Such a febrile state, where the cells are heated up, happens when the specific amount of electromagnetic energy absorbed in a second surpasses 4 W/kg during approximately 30 minutes, thus altering the intracellular isothermal balance and generating in that location a metabolic deficiency due to failed processing caused by a temperature error. A cellular phone, for example, generates a very high frequency, theoretically warming up some neuron cells, while the battery itself warms up the ear and produces this state. The human body has thermo-regulating mechanisms. In a normal state of health, it radiates from 1 to 2 W/kg, while, with the heat induced by the NIRW waves producing a local increase of temperature and being quickly redistributed through the blood stream; therefore, parts of the body with little blood irrigation- like the eyes for example- are extremely sensitive to the adverse effects of the Non-Ionizing Radiation Waves.

Next, there is a graph showing the maximum limits of recommended electromagnetic radiation published by Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency of Brazil) and the degree of interference and maximum tolerance level to the use of cell telephones and microwaves in general.


Later on, the RIWs and the NIRWs settle down as Parasitic Charges, destroying the neutron field of the body or making the cell unable to assimilate nutrients.

The emergence of parasitic charges make the organism quickly expel the pathological condition. Then, as the neutrinos are being consumed, the immune system interprets the charges (external electromagnetic harmonic waves) as anomalous macro-molecules producing auto-antibodies and giving rise to the development of an auto-immune disease.

The Energy Point device acts as a natural neutrino emitter, rhythmically scattering significant neutron fields trough its form as well as by the compression of crystalline mass, suppressing to a certain degree the instant need for neutrons that come under attack by some type of harmonic wave of low or high frequency. This sensibly diminishes and even prevents, in some cases, the cosmic waves as well as the photon, microwave or electromagnetic particles from crossing the body’s biofield and from settling there, thus creating a parasitic charge and fatally reaching the cellular electronic system. This process provides an improved quantum state of physical, mental and spiritual health.



The SCAP is a suppressing filter, blocking or inhibiting negative or telluric energies. Its location in the Energy Point is at the base of the inferior surface that supports the whole device.

It is possible to clearly deduct that the center of the smaller triangle coincides with the center of the labyrinth. We thus go back to having one more element that is aligned with the whole of the device.

The SCAP was invented by André Philipe, a French researcher in the field of radiostesia and radionics. His purpose is to neutralize negative or harmful electromagnetic, geopathogenic, negative form waves, etc.

This device is a filter intended to neutralize certain negative frequencies that can be caught and transmutated in the atmosphere, or within the being, by the device.

The center of attraction for waves of subtle transmutation is located in the middle of the smaller triangle; the points of conduction for the captured waves are on the tangents of the triangles. The fields (3 altogether) are retention chambers for the waves and the summits of the greater triangle show on their vertices, images that remind us of the Cruz Ansata (ANK). In fact they are blocking the exit for the waves, like retention filters that close or open according to the Ap. [P Delta = (Delta)] differential principle, the pressure flow differential.

In the fields (3 altogether), there are symbols and letters of the old Hebraic alphabet. These symbols interact with each other, and also with the other symbols of the apparatus, extending considerably the subtle frequency field of the Point, and when on the same frequency with”x” Hertz mental waves, the mental waves can reach them, creating a resonance field, which is captured and transmitted toward the axis of the bobbin.

The SCAP mechanism comes with a system that neutralizes the effects of harmful NIRW and IRW waves that were caught under the mental command of the bobbin (Chartres’s Labyrinth), and reshaped, inverted or destroyed by the crystals of one person’s device and dissipated in the atmosphere. Later, when the transference of these waves happens so they are transmuted in accordance with the user’s adjusted wishes, there will be “an energy reshaping” of these negative or telluric waves, not only a reshaping of the wave, but also a reshaping of the effects of the charge captured by the emitter, whether she be a person or a harmonic wave of a determined frequency. Then, the new wave is immediately reconstituted by the Energy Point and it will oscillate again, pure and free.


Given that the base is made of melted bronze or brass (two alloys coming from metallic combinations), with a low titration, we have the following chemical composition:

Copper à Cu 80% à Wave Length 324,8 nm = green

Tin à Sn 5% à Wave Length 217nm = Very dark blue

Zinc à Zn 15% à Wave Length 231,9 nm = Cobalt blue

NOTE. Titre of a metal: Percentage of the predominant metal when it is alloyed with other metals. For example, what makes bronze different from brass is the proportion of one metal in relation to the other, that is, in greater or lesser proportion, with its respective percentage. The above values represent the metal formula in the Energy Point Device.


They are visibly engraved glyphs, symbols, alphabets as well as figures related to astronomy.

The engravings are keys to action and activation. Theoretically, the Energy Point device can perform several functions, some specific, some in combination with others.

These so-called keys allow you to connect the device inter- dimensionally, if you have due knowledge of how they function and how to activate them. In other words, the device gets to connect with a multiple scheme of mental processing, involving superior cosmic consciousness, planetary consciousness in different quadrants of the Universe and also consciousness of our dimension, as advocated by the hermeneutic principle, which is mentalism: THE UNIVERSE IS MENTAL.

Therefore, the extra activity of the device can happen when activating mental keys of a same set, or perhaps 2, 3 or a thousand at the same time, or reaching other keys that correspond to another block of information, that can also become harmonic, through sound, musical notes, aroma frequencies or even matter frequencies. Thus, the apparatus can operate simultaneously on several different situations, such as, the elevation of the level of consciousness, modification of the structure of the matter (like DNA, since even DNA has a crystalline structure), correction of harmful waves, etc. and simultaneously, on several levels of inter dimensional fields, much beyond our present understanding of time, space or mass.

The reason why the symbols come from different cultures, alphabets, glyphs, or ideograms, has to do with the various extraterrestrial intelligences that operated, still operate or could get to operate in the different quadrants of the Galactic or Intergalactic Universes, or of the ethers, including, by the way, the planet Earth. Each current of Inter or Extra planetary consciousness used to influence, does influence or could be influencing our future, here and now, our cognitive physical, “material” consciousness or the psychic “mental” one, as well as all fields of thought processing, alphabet systems, culture, astronomy, sciences, biology, mathematics, genetics, etc. – we were never alone in the Universe!

Therefore, by accessing the frequency field of the object being desired from the Energy Point, with the selected resources and using exclusively the mind, some keys can be moved so they will be activated, with the concept of multiple cultures and beings; a whole body of knowledge that will possibly interact in the linear and vertical time systems of the harmonic field of the being and in the present environment, as well as in the conscious and subconscious systems of the human race, directly related to the verbal and nonverbal archetypes. Such a process, if well oriented, will be able to activate some DNA genes, thus elevating the level of personal and probably planetary consciousness.

It is important to emphasize that the conscious human mind processes information of approximately 12 to 15 bits, whereas the information processed by the subconscious mind reaches between 70 and 80 million bits.


This model of negative space/time is the dimension of the ethereal world of energies and their conduction and transportation that includes the ether of the human body, where the substances forming our bodies’ ethers vibrate at greater speeds than light.


Regarding the phenomenon of energies being transported by the Point device, which we are studying, we can affirm that the Energy Point device transports different types of waves and/or particles. If we take the example of electrical energy coming from alternate current, it is possible to intuitively predict that the frequencies sent by electrical energy, due to their characteristics, are transferred or manifest themselves according to the frequency and speed of LIGHT or Photon. Nevertheless, such hypothesis is part of Planck’s experiment on the-non astronomical- black hole, which foundation is in the Principle of Uncertainty, or what is defined as the quantum leap of particles.

What forms the codification of information in light particles is exactly the Principle of Uncertainty enunciated by the German physicist Werner Heinsenberg (1901-1976). Among other things, this principle establishes that if you measure the properties of a particle, it is undeniable that it will be altered. Thus, if the matter intercepts information in the middle of the road, the receiver can detect this obstruction and intercept it, knowing that the communication was, in some way, monitored. This suggests that tele-transportation could offer us a precious additional resource. It could make information disappear from one place and reappear in another one, guaranteeing that they would not be intercepted.

By analogy, Albert Einstein referred to this phenomenon as the “Particle Tangle”, which would allow, in theory, quantum tele-transportation. An object can be teletransported from one point to another without any of these two even existing. According to Nicolas Gisin, a Swiss researcher, this maxim should surprise everyone who comes to think about it.

The Energy Point processes, transmutates and “TELETRANSPORTS various MENTAL WAVES” in diverse directions, due to their field of interaction with atomic and sub-atomic particles, directing a greater concentration of mental frequency ELECTRONS that interact with the crystalline structure. The support bases for the teletransportation of spectral mental electromagnetic waves are:

1 -) A Planetary Magnetic Network,

2 -) The configuration and advancement of the devices,

3 -) Mental Desire.

The values of these three bases taken together are very high, or in other words extremely elevated, that is, we are talking about a quantum leap in frequency or particle/sub-particle oscillation, or waves. Therefore, the ELECTRONS coming from the mental waves produced at a frequency of approximately 15 Hertz, can be teletransported by the Energy Point! And therefore they can also be directed to where you want to focus your attention mentally with an impressive degree of speed and consistency. It is such a process that can turn the concept of the Holographic Therapy of Access to the Unity of Intelligence into reality with total accuracy.


The sphere of the planet Earth was divided according to an imaginary mesh of lines that crisscross it in its longitudinal and transversal directions (geodesics, Mercator System). This division obeys to the need to create intersection points in order to have references and locate geographic places.

This initiative resulted in a geometric division that takes into consideration the shape of the sphere. The Mercator system divides the Earth into two main lines: – longitude 0º, starting off at the center, the planetary axis (the North Pole) and the other, dividing the sphere in two almost equal hemispheres, except for the flattening at the North Pole.

This line, called the Equator is perpendicular to the equatorial plane of the planet, which is inclined at a 23,5º angle.

The longitudinal lines are projected from the 0º GREENWICH longitude, starting at the North Pole, and the parallels along the Equator. Since the Earth is round in its equatorial perimeter, and using 23Hs59′ to make a rotation on its axis, the lines were projected at a 15º angle, which corresponds to the value of the circumference – 24 lines 360º.

In the case of the longitudes, a constant angular value was given, with spaces of 15º; in the case of the parallels, the same angular value was given, but adding the symbols (+) and (-), to indicate the Hemisphere. This conception or convention is purely conventional, since the center where the planet is most equidistant to its FERRO-CRYSTALLINE NUCLEUS is located at the +30 parallel on the Northern Hemisphere, where the gravitational forces are more stable.

If we observe the course of history on our planet, from the moment when extraterrestrial civilizations would have started their search program, we can observe that they have always tried to settle next to this parallel.

And this is the reason why the great moments in our history that date back from ancient times can be located on this parallel or close to it.

From the point of view of a science oriented toward a unifying vision of the universe and using elements of the old and modern Astrophysics, we can conclude that certain Earth regions are aligned with quadrants of the universe from which they receive influence, as well as many places of the planet that are coincident with Star Parallax lines that comprise an agglomerate of constellations that once interacted with the planet and our race, as I have explained previously.

The Energy Point comes from a technological scientific concept based on an extraterrestrial intelligence coming from Hyades. That intelligence interacted with our planet thousands of years ago and it is returning now in a mental form, although I cannot confirm in which momentum this psychic connection is happening, if it is in the past/present or the future/present or the present/present.

But whatever momentum it is in, the Energy Point answers to a cosmic coordination, where the mind is the connection and the frequency of LOVE, emitted by our cerebral field when we feel it, is the only key that will turn it on.


The origin of the Point is found in the quadrant where the Hyades constellation is located. According to the astrophysicists, it is estimated to be 660 million years old, one of the oldest clusters around us. Hyades is part of the Taurus constellation, next to the Aldebaran star and a neighbor to the Orion Constellation.

Essential data on Hyades

discovered by (it is well-known since pre-history)

other names Melotte 25 – Collinder 50

constellation Taurus

Straight ascension 4 hours 27 minutes

declination + 16º

distance 151 light years

visual magnitude 0.5

apparent dimensions 330 minutes of arc

age ~ 660 million years

A recent report (1998) on the study of the science of the stars brings a complete and precise description of the Hyades cluster, with over 200 stars that were measured by the European Space Agency through the Hipparcos satellite. Considering the possibility that this observation could have been altered by distance, we can analyze a historically important group of stars, of which only a little more than 1% was known until now, where the theories on the evolution of stars as a whole are stated and finally asserted on a more secure basis. Groups of stars are crucial to the understanding of the lives of stars in all the places in the Universe, because all the clusters of a group were formed at the same time and out of the same primary matter. The astrophysicists can “see” that the evolution of each star depends on its mass and chemical composition. The heavier the star, the more intensely it burns and the faster it consumes its thermonuclear fuel. But, the precision of these theories was until now very limited by the inaccuracy of the observations.

The most luminous clusters of Hyades are visible to the naked eye, although they are better observed with binoculars. They form the exact same three-dimensional figure found in the crystals of the Energy Point; they are in the Taurus constellation, which, in spite of being a close group of stars, are moderately rich in luminosity. Hyades was the subject of great discussions between astrophysicists for more than a century. There were also always contradictory results regarding the distance of this group of stars and it usually left many question marks. Diverse theories and hypotheses were raised, and even the recent observations made with the Hubble Space Telescope only seemed to deepen the mystery around them.

It was then that some astronomers from ESA, at the Leiden Observatory, at the Paris-Meudon Observatory, at the University of Lausanne and the Côte d’Azur Observatory, joined efforts and resolved to analyze practically all the data available on the Hyades cluster, which were already stored, to a large extent, in the computer archives of the data that had been sent by the Hipparcos satellite. After exhaustive studies, calculations and deductions, they published all the results of their research, with very conclusive and novel opinions regarding Hyades, in the Astronomy & Astrophysics European Journal of March/98.

Some of the conclusions mainly address the issue of the real distance to the center of the Hyades cluster, which is 151 light year (46.34 parsecs) with a probability of error of less than a light year (0.27 parsec). The astronomers were able to back date the birth of Hyades to approximately 625 million years ago. According to the astrophysicists, theoretically, at that moment, the Earth only had very primitive life systems, life was still probably submerged in “Water”!

What allowed and still allows, theoretically, for the survival of Hyades for such a long time was actually the “cluster” model.

Paradoxically, the individual stars of Hyades “stand together” like a “Whole”. Such groups or clusters assume a form similar to the “individual star” as if they were individuals in the WHOLE and the individual stars act as if they were “their own cluster within the whole”. Surrounded by the gravity of the group, their collective and individual movements were analyzed by the Hipparcos satellite.

Again, there is an impressive connection with the Hermeneutic principle – the mental principle that advocates:

The Mind of the “WHOLE” is in your mind and your mind is in the Mind of the “WHOLE”!!

Again, there is another impressive connection with the Parametric System of the

Crystals that says:

“The symmetry degree is what determines and indicates the sum of several elements such as: planes, axis and center, typical elements in each class, where the crystalographic constants of each class give the basis for their ‘REGROUPING IN SYSTEMS’; each system includes the classes that have the same axis system and the same Parametric ratio”.

The result is an orbital 3-D film of the group. An animated short that is available on the Internet (sees more ahead): http://astro.estec.esa.nl/Hipparcos/hyades.html.

Peripheral clusters that share the same general and simultaneous movement as the Hyades clusters can be observed, while other groups are rejected due to distance or decomposition. The internal movements in the groups revealed by Hipparcos are almost imperceptible. Relatively voluminous stars sink to the center of gravity of the cluster. Meanwhile, some stars are slowly leaving Hyades. Others evaporate ” without speed” in the gravitational field of the cluster as a result of mutual collisions and coming too close to the cluster.

Theoretically, galactic systems of incredible volume were attracted somehow to Hyades by some gravitational force, and through these gravitational encounters, the clusters were probably formed.

Deciphering a Rosetta stone:

“The Hyades cluster mistery came to play the same role in astronomy as the Rosetta Stone did in archeology”-commented professor Michael Perryman of the Astrophysics Division of ESA in Noordwijk, Netherlands, who is the most advanced author in the study of Hyades – ” It allows us to decipher many of the mysteries of the stars, but until now, the uncertainty in the observations left this question very cloudy and with a difficult and unreliable reading. Let us say that now we were able to clean up this Rosetta stone affair and bring it to the verge of total legibility “.

The question of the distance to Hyades always gave incompatible results. Estimations that trusted the movements of the star cluster exaggerated the distance, because of small but systematic errors used in the reference and evaluation system that was based on the Earth’s movement. When the astronomers tried to measure the stars’ distance directly through a parallax (a change in apparent positions, like the Earth’s orbit around the Sun), they always found small systematic differences in the determinations, and soon, such measurements typically led to a lesser-calculated distance.

From out of space, the Hipparcos satellite gave us the tie breaking point. It was there that many more and better parallaxes were obtained on the movements of the stars, and all of these came together in a consistent and perfectly conclusive description of the distance to Hyades.

The distance to Hyades is also the starting point for measuring the astronomical distances that extend throughout our Galaxy, the Milky Way and beyond. Its precise measurement will be incorporated, then, in the balance of the global distances and the age of the Universe. These two subjects have already emerged as excellent areas of research.

See a 3-D animation of Hyades

Cosmo Fernando Pacetta

16/02/2003 – 5:12am

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