THE ENERGY POINT has been conceived in order to capture, concentrate and distribute energy oscillations and vibrations. It is mainly for people who have the equipment or those who simply can become mentally connected with the POINT in order to give the spiritual, mental, physical and ecological balance to any being through the exchange of energetic frequency.

You will be able to direct this energy imagining a variety of situations, for yourself or for others who need it. When imagining this energy flux, you will come close to those who are experiencing physical or mental health problems or problems of a material nature. In this situation, the big pyramid starts to work as an energy catalyst, where infinite forms of energy flows from cosmic vibrations are being captured by the big pyramid, and then condensed and potentiated by the little pyramid, amplified through the labyrinth and filtered by the Radionic symbol. That energy is also potentiated by many symbols and is dissipated in the environment, working in the Astral Auric, Atomic, Quantic, Ecological and Psychobiophysical fields, thus modifying the frequencies according to the needs of individuals.

There is a Universal Intelligence within the ENERGY POINT and It will know in advance who to direct the energy flow to, even before asking for it. Its request will only activate the equipment. This is another cosmic law: asking and receiving, action and reaction.

You will see the enormous difference the use of the POINT will make for you or for the person to whom you will be sending the energy, working as a donor of your own energy to be distributed throughout the Universe! When you are very happy, vibrating with happiness, feeling good about yourself, realized by or transcending joy, this will mean that your energy level at that moment is positive and that you are able to donate a part of this energy to some one who needs it: this is the law of sharing, if you are feeling good, then others can feel good as well.

“Substantial Reality or the Fundamental Truth is always hidden under the appearance of Universe, Time, Space and Mobility.”
—- El Kybalion

The concept of the Energy Point is entirely based on quantic, holistic, esoteric and cabalistic principles.

1. By psychically canalizing the whole configuration of the Energy Point, I started a long investigation where I was able to observe that we were dealing with a radionic equipment with quantic foundations in its field of neutrinic action and with esoteric, cabalistic implications, due to the coincidental symbols and numerological results.

Since I started dedicating myself to such complex studies that are totally out of my field of action (I am a businessman in the Plastics line and until now I was totally ignorant of the scientific, metaphysical and holistic foundations of this field), I resolved to take a 12 month course in Quantic Methodology during the year 2002. My teacher was Professor Dr. Victor Mattos, author of “Quantic Medicine – Corpomente Publisher. I have also done a considerable amount of self-teaching by reading and studying numerous books on the topic.

This is why I feel capable of presenting you now with a short study on the quantic and holistic foundations of the Energy Point. I must warn you that this study does not pretend to include arguments on such a fertile subject which is so deeply rooted in the human archetype, be it verbal or not. For that purpose, I have made use of countless works and studies, such as:

– Medicina Vibracional (Vibrational Medicine) – Dr. Gerber;
– Medicina de la Habitacion (Habitation Medicine) – Dr. Jacque la Maya;
– Manos de Luz (Hands of Light) – Dr. Barbara Brennan;
– Signos Estelares (Stellar Signs) – Linda Goodman;
– El Kybalion
* El Universo auto-conciente (The self-conscious Universe) – Amit Goswami
… Among so many important works.

I have therefore decided to initially divide this brief expose on the Point in four parts:

1) The Radionic Field – Studying through O.F. (Form Waves).
2) The Quantic Field – Crystallography, e.g., studying the Crystal.
3) The Holistic Field- The study of symbols
4) The Cabalistic Field- The study of Numerology.

I was then able to understand the Energy Buttress worked in several quadrants of the subtle resonance areas.

1) The Radionic Field

Studying through the Form Waves
Form waves are basically defined as:
“Fields of influence that are felt around any creature (object or living creature). They relate to form according to a superficial collision, regardless of the nature of the body of the object emitting them.”

You do not need knowledge of electromagnetism, hydraulics or other fields to attempt understanding it. You need a new logic, with non-Newtonian physics. Influence, due to its form, cannot by force be an emission in the common sense of the term, but rather the creation of a subtle static field.
There is a kind a “propagation”of everything, albeit not necessarily unavoidable, and its influence often lingers on, even at a distance, and even if the generator of the Form Waves does not remain there.

In order to develop those concepts, we need to drastically review our criteria of Cartesian understanding.

Because we live immersed in a very disturbed energetic environment, due to our industrial/electronic civilization (and also because of the cosmic and Sun rays) that promote or jeopardize the phenomena interacting within our cellular, electronic or nuclear structures, the more we study form waves, the more we see the need to feel some contact with the Structure of the World, on a cosmic plane hitherto unknown to science, and to urgently create a codification of the said waves and their effects.

Aside from the investigation I have done on my own, Dr. Victor has suggested that I read several books in order to gain a better understanding of the form waves and frequencies and their influence on living beings.

Among those books, one left me particularly perplexed. First, looking at the cover, the picture is almost a replica of the Energy Point. The book is “Medicina de la Habitacion” (Habitation Medicine), by French Professor Jacques La Maya – Roca Publishers.

This book completely lays the foundation for the Energy Point and it also includes deep studies of Form Waves, Harmful Telluric and geopathogenic Waves, dispersion of the electromagnetic fields and of your own personal field, plus boundless information on radionic waves on how an apparatus like the Energy Point can function.

In the proposed study, Professor Jacques informs us on how these frequency waves can modify our own biological field, inverting the systemic polarity of our atoms, making them acquire different pathologies – and it is precisely at this point that the Energy Point comes into play, since, due to its configuration, and aside from its use of form waves, it is also able to lessen or even neutralize, in some cases, the effects of those harmful waves, and return the person to health and vitality.
As a mere note, I have taken the liberty of transcribing what appears on page 107 of Mr. La Maya’s book, where we can see his comment on form waves, specifically the pyramidal ones:

” Objects that have an intrinsic influence are so designed because of their nature and form. A cardboard pyramid, a stone one, etc, an disk made of particle board or a boj sphere will create a form field by their mere presence; the said fields are centers of micro vibrations which work at a distance because they are “beyond” the space-time framework to which common objects are subject. A form field is a portion of space where an action vector dominates, due to the presence of an object which configuration is indefinite (frequently a geometric one) and is very often accompanied by an idea (explicit or implicit)”.

1Ejemplo: una pirámide, sea cual fuera su dimensión, posee un centro activo ubicado a un tercio de la altura vertical que pasa por su punta.

En este lugar, si usted llegara a dejar un pedazo de carne o una lámina de barbear, la carne se momifica y la lámina de barbear se afila por sí sola. El campo de forma es un microcosmo de fuerza. En este caso, el objeto está actuando por el simple hecho de existir…”. El formato más agudo del Puntal Energético me causó al principio una cierta extrañeza, considerando que al tratarse de pirámides, todas deberían tener la misma dimensión, cambiando apenas su proporción, mientras tanto, en mis estudios encontré las pirámides sudanesas, también muy antiguas, de las cuales no hay nociones sobre la fecha de su construcción. Tales pirámides siguen el mismo principio de construcción que las pirámides de Egipto, cuyo método, también se desconoce, y que son afiladas igual que el cristal del Puntal Energético, deduciéndose que estos campos de energía reproducen de la misma manera los campos de forma. Ya las describí más arriba, además de las OF (ondas de forma) y sus propagaciones sutiles.


concep-2_smallEstas pirâmides são a prova cabal de que a estrutura piramidal não necessariamente tem de ter exatamente a medida da pirâmide de Queóps do Egito ou sua fração exata para se obter os efeitos sutis….. infelizmente , por puro desconhecimento de muitos apregoam essa idéia que é cultuada como verdade absoluta em todo o mundo…. Estas pirâmides sudanesas podem , inclusive,serem mais antigas que as do Egito.. porém a forma construtiva é exatamente igual . O grande diferencial, como pode ser observado na foto é justamente o angulo de inclinação, muito semelhante a angulação da pirâmide de cristal que compõe o Pontal Energético.

Crystallography,e.g. the study of the Crystal.
The Energy Point is also a complex, systemic, pyramidal, crystalline apparatus. Let us see: its external form shows us a block of crystal which is 100% pure and cut in a pyramidal form. Weighing almost two kilos, it has a geometry that is considered “sacred”, since there is a smaller pyramid, also made of pure cut crystal fixed to the base of the bigger one. A metal base adorned with carved inscriptions that also emit subtle frequencies supports the whole object. I will expand on this point later on.
With a metal base weighing almost two kilos and exerting gravitational force, a measure of mechanical pressure is being put on the crystal and creates piezoelectric current; this liberates a profusion of muon neutrinos, resulting in an absorption of these sub particles by our atomic subtle biofield when our neutrino charge fails or starts to oscillate in disharmony, which causes an increase in the photon defense in us. Aside from this “mechanical” effect, the crystal also has an effect on our mental frequency.

Your electron has an energy spin of 9,5 Ghz, which makes it able to catch and retransmit very high and abundant frequencies, including our mental frequency at 1,000 cycles per second!

Then the crystalline structure will respond in a noticeable and precise way with a great variety of energies, including heat, light, pressure, sound, electricity, gamma rays, microwaves, bioelectricity and even the energies of consciousness (that is, thought waves or thought forms).
As a response to those diverse energy inputs, the molecular structure of the crystal will undergo determined forms of respective oscillation, thus creating specific energy transmission and reception vibration frequencies.

As expressed by Dr. Richard Geber in his book “Medicina Vibracional” (Vibration Medicine) on page 278:

concep-3_small“The crystal is a neutral object. Its internal structure presents a state of perfection and equilibrium. When cut properly, and the human mind relates to this structural perfection, the crystal emits a vibration that that extends and expands the mind of the user. Similar to a laser beam, it irradiates a form of harmonized and highly concentrated energy, that could possibly be transmitted to objects or people according to the will of whoever is using it”.

Even though the crystal can be used from “mind to mind”, its higher purpose is to serve humanity by eliminating pain and suffering. Through adequate training, an alternative therapist can eliminate the negative thoughts that become embodied in the form of typical illnesses in the physical person of a patient.
– If we compare the Vital Strength with Consciousness, we can conclude that vital strength works mainly through the bloodstream, while consciousness works through the brain and nervous system. Both systems display properties that are similar to that of quartz and to an electromagnetic current. The blood cells, especially the white cells and the red cells display more pronounced quartz like properties and a nervous system with a more intense electromagnetic current. The vital strength and consciousness use these properties to penetrate the physical body and stimulate it. The bodies, physical and subtle, present many different quartz like structures that potentiate the effects of vibrational remedies, like the floral ones, for example. In the physical body, these include the cellular salts, the fatty tissues, the lymphatic system, the white cells and the pineal gland.

These crystalline structures form a complete system within the body, but they have not yet been adequately understood by modern science.

Amino acid crystals:

concep-4_smallSo we can see that the Crystal object of the Energy Point has a great capacity for directing psychic and mental energies, “oscillatory frequencies”, which can be used to cure or set up a program to that effect, given what was elaborated above. If you use the Energy Point to modify Harmful Waves (ON) or transform Wave Forms (OF), then you will include the capacity to perform crystallographic transmutation, thus extending considerably its many uses. You will also have an apparatus that can demagnetize negative energies in some environments, or in living beings; also it can be a powerful connector between glands, including the pineal gland, and also reestablish the neutrinic particles of human beings, and much more still… All that with an apparatus of 9.5 Ghz frequency!

If you analyze what was explained above, you will find that this is supported by very ancient data, based on the Hermeneutic principles, which first principle is the Mental one…


The study of Symbols:

Finally I will talk about the symbols contained in the base of the Energy Point. I will not explain each and every one of them at this time. My intent is mainly to demonstrate its basis through radionics, which demonstrate to us the laws of subtle transference through radionic and geometrical schematics, or symbolic figures that, due to their own essence, act as a propulsion agent of the abstract waves included in the Energy Point, behaving as its own witness, due to the symbols inserted in its formal structure. Those symbols are more than bi-directional antennas, they are channels that lead up to other universal planes, where time, space and causality are different characteristics of “this photonically freezed world of ours”.

Through its symbols, the Energy Point is also a potent radionic frequency transmitter which waves function as formal mechanisms of re-equilibrium, revitalization and compensation.

They emit microwaves of all sorts that carry strength, health, vitality, enthusiasm and all things considered to be good, according to the objective witnesses who were used, and only reflect the intentions of the carriers, otherwise the Point will not function, because its symbols are tied to human evolution, to places of high spirituality, cosmic constellations, mandalas, centers of holy pilgrimage, Egyptian, Buddhist, Zen, Tao, Saint German temples, and to cabalistic symbolic writings, in summary, all continents are represented in the metal base. These very high frequency potentiated microwaves can transmute low-level energy into a very high frequency, with a subtle atomic cellular resonance.


(Numerical cabalistic Chaldean-Hebraic alphabet)

I would like to explain that in my numerological studies I have used a system of numerical alphabet which is, in my opinion the most faithful and truthful of all. It is not my intention to start discussing other existing methods, there are thousands of them… but I preferred to use the method transmitted to us by the ancient Chaldeans and by the Hebraic cabal that was the source of numerous other numerological systems. Thus we can say that there is only true and trusted system of numerological calculation, that is, the cabalistic and Chaldean one. It is also used by the Essenes, the people who taught Jesus the Nazarene during his eighteen “lost” years.
What follows is the correct numerical alphabet in the Chaldean-Hebraic system:

A=1 H=5 O=7


B=2 I=1 P=8


C=3 J=1 Q=1


D=4 K=2 R=2


E=5 L=3 S=3


F=8 M=4 T=4

G=3 N=5 U=6

The numerological study of the Energy Point is ample and it is guided first by the three-dimensional observation of letters transformed into their respective numerical value; secondly it is the analysis of the sum of all symbols that make up the Point. The detailed analysis of these two aspects resulted in an “impressive numerical coincidence” which we will examine later.

If we analyse face A and B of the Point, in a three-dimensional way, we can recognize letters in their format, which I have transformed into numerical values, following the cabalistic numerical alphabet of chaldean-hebraic origin. And this is what we get:
Pontal Graf-05

Letter A: equivalent to the bigger pyramid, its numerical values is: 1.
Letter V: equivalent to the smaller pyramid, its numerical values is: 6.
Letter O: equivalent to the perception of the base on face A, its value is: 7.

Pontal Graf-04
Letter A: equivalent to the bigger pyramid, its value, as we have already seen is: 1.
Letter I: equivalent to the observation of the base on face B, its values is: 1
If we add up the numbers on all the faces, we get:
1+6+7+1+1=16 and 1+6=7

7 is the number of Planet Neptune, regent of Piscis, it is considered to be the mystery number, symbolizing the spiritual side of things.
Why is this the mystery number related to things spiritual? If you observe the seven days of creation, mentioned symbolically in the book of Genesis, and the Seventh Heaven mentioned several times in the Sacred Writings, the Seven Churches, the Seven Thrones, the Seven Seals, the seventh day of marching around the walls of Jericho- and on the seventh day the walls fell when Joshua made the right musical note with his ram’s horn. 7 generations have passed since the birth of David until the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem (“who shall be born form the house of David”).

Ezekiel talks to us about “the seven angels of the Lord who roam the earth from one side to the other”. On this topic, the metaphysicians believe that it may be a reference to the magnetic points of force that irradiate all over the earth and could form the basis for the magnetic fields of Nicholas Tesla on the earth, upon which he consolidated his discovery of alternate current. This mysterious force is also described in the Book of Revelations as “the seven spirits of God sent all over the earth”. And you should also note all these additional repetitions of the spiritual number 7:

– The seven hermeneutic principles
– The seven spirits of the Egyptian religion
– The seven Angels of the Chaldeans
– The seven Devas in the Hindu religion
– The seven Sephiroths of the Hebraic cabal
– The seven Amschaspands of the Persian faith
– The seven Archangels of Revelation, etc., etc.,


This analysis initially includes the sum total of all symbols that make up the Energy Point; in a second stage of study, I have added the quantity of symbols that were found through parts of the device, to find out what they mean in the numerological sense and why each part has an X number of symbols. Therefore, there was a cabalistic response to these partial sums in the Energy Point, demonstrating the meaning of the numbers found.


a) Upper quadrant: 10 symbols

Pontal Graf-02

b) Left base support: 5 symbols

Pontal Graf-06

c) Right base support: 2 symbols

Pontal Graf-03

d) Lower quadrant: 17 symbols

Pontal Graf-01
If we add the total number of symbols found, we get:
10+5+2+17= 34 and 3+4= 7 !!!

The coincidence between the sum of symbols and the visual observation of numbers where both give the same result, which is number 7, is really impressive. This reinforces the idea that the Energy Point really has a deep spiritual foundation, a lot deeper than what we imagined. According to the study of the cabalistic Chaldean-Hebraic alphabet done by Linda Goodman in her book “The Secret Codes of the Universe”- Record Press-, vibration 7 has a meaning that relates to people as well as to dates or events. I will present the study of personal vibration when applied completely to the Energy Point.

“The ‘7’, be they events or people, have a tendency to have notable dreams”. They have a marked interest for esoteric mysteries, mythology, spaceships and UFOs and all the range of things unknown. It is common for them to have a gift of intuition or foresight, as well as a kind of calm and tranquil magnetism, which exerts great influence on other people. Generally, they can calm someone who is deranged by their mere presence.
Vibration 7 is associated with peculiar ideas on religion, a rejection of going down the beaten path and a tendency to adopt political beliefs that are unique and, in some way, heterodox. It is common for a ‘7’ person or event to discover, found or create a new religious concept.
The essence of ‘7’ is composed of refined manners, artistic temperament and sensitive nature”.


We can analyze, as I have said before, other very interesting cabalistic aspects, if we separate in segments the different symbols that make up the Energy Point in order to add them up separately, analyzing their numerological meaning. I have therefore divided the symbolic structure in four parts: superior (support of the pyramid), left support and right support (sides that support the Point) and inferior base.

That is, by separating the symbols in four parts located through the Energy Point and by adding them up separately in each part of the device, we thus find independent results if we divide them by the parts of the Point. This piqued my curiosity and I wanted to understand what would each part mean in its total conception:

a) Superior quadrant: 10 symbols = 1
b) Left support at base: 5 symbols*
c) Right support at base: 2 symbols*
d) Inferior quadrant: 17 symbols = 1+7 = 8

* sum of the supports 5+2=7

So we have the superior part represented by number 1;
The sustaining part, that is, the support represented by number 7 ( the sum of the symbols on both supports, right and left) and finally, the base, represented by number 8.

If we analyze the meaning of these numerical results in a cabalistic way according to their position in the Energy Point, we get:

Number “1” vibrates with the sun. It represents creativity, protection and benevolence. It is the number of the original act, the base for initiating all the other numbers, it is kept as: the ORIGINNAL CAUSE or CREATOR.
Then, I understand that, numerologically speaking, the superior part is the first level of the Energy Point and it shows number 1 as the superior part being connected with the Divine plane, with the “ALL”, with the Original Cause, with the mind of the CREATOR!

Even though it was studied extensively before, it makes sense when we understand that the real “support” of the Energy Point is of spiritual essence, number “7” being the number of HEALING, miracles, faith, and dreams that come true.
Its true anchor resides in the spiritual support for the human being and in the mobility of its energies. All this is totally based on the cosmic and planetary web of mutual help between human beings that will use it, by frequency transmutations and by promoting vibrational improvements, healing and an increase in cosmic and ecological awareness, as proposed by Ratihci at the space conference (see dream of the Point).

The number 8 vibrates with the planet Saturn. It represents wisdom, patience and responsibility. Number 8 also represents financial security, prudence, self-discipline and self-control. They are excellent teachers and counselors and they usually are exceedingly patient and intelligent…
It is for that reason that the Intelligence of the Universe has imprinted this number 8 on the base of the Energy Point as a result of the sum of its symbols, given the fact that it is literally the base of support of the whole Energy Point project for the Planet Earth, where it will get to be understood with wisdom and patience and its vibrations and effects will be felt with self-discipline and control.

Logically, this study goes on constantly and I am convinced that these essays can, and will, multiply. If you take into consideration the recent harnessing of the Holographic Therapy of Access to the Unity of Intelligence, which I will refer to from now on as “THO-AUI”, this therapy is associated with the frequencies of the Energy Point and is but a confirmation of the purpose of the Point for the whole planet Earth.

Numerological study


(Numeric cabalistic Chaldean-Hebraic alphabet)

B1 -) Dimensions of the Metal Base
Superior Quadrant, Support and Base

B 2 -) Dimensions of the Crystals
Superior and inverted

B 4-) Numerological study of the name “Energy Point”

A complete understanding of the numerological cabalistic study also includes an analysis of the metal base of the Energy Point. However, the study now turns to the respective dimensions of the base. Therefore, it is fundamentally important to observe that these measures apply to the matrix, which is the casting mold of the metal base and not to the finished piece, because in the process of smelting a few small variations can appear. Some factors, like the cooling of metal -which is very sensitive to warmth and humidity in the environment-, and other similar circumstances can alter the final dimensions of the piece. For example, if a piece is smelted on a rainy day, it can have a greater retraction when turned out than when this is done on a warm day. These variations can occur and the final dimensions will vary and it will be difficult to get the same dimensions of the original cast where the piece was smelted. Therefore, this entire study will refer to the original dimensions of the cast and not those of the final piece, which can show a variation of more or less 3 mm from the former.


This analysis, as well as the previous one, includes two studies: the study of face “i” and face “0”. Surprisingly, over the course of this study, we will discover the incredible” binary and ternary systems” contained in the final sums of the measurements of the faces.
On face “i” we will have five times the binary repetition of the result: 1,8 / 8,1. On face “o” we also have a five-time repetition, ternary this time, of the result 1,8,8 / 8,8,1. The binary sum of face “i” and “o” will always total 9 and the ternary sum of face “o” will always be 8 and summing up the binary and ternary results we will get the number 8, as we will see later.
Studying the numbers 8 and 9, as a result of the binary and ternary sum of faces “i” and “o”, I found the following:

The Energy Point, with the 8 and 9 numbers in a binary / ternary system, opens up a wide capability for the human being to quickly and safely find a way of acquiring experience, stability and evolution.
In fact, this is the evolution of consciousness promoted by any global study on the proposition the device makes for the Planet! It is like knowing how to go directly to the essence of situations by getting connected and obtaining transcendental responses. The people or situations under the influence of numbers 8 and 9 vibrate in sequence with the planets Saturn and Mars…

The frequencies of number 8 are: experience, wisdom and evolution. The number 9 frequencies are: devotion, determination and stubbornness. In another previous study I conducted on the Operational System of the Energy Point, I discovered that the crystals also group along binary, ternary and even quarternary systems. Let us see below:

“The crystals have variable symmetries, some have a reflection plane, a binary axis and a symmetry axis; others also show the same symmetry axis, but, they can have up to nine reflection planes, four ternary axis, three quaternary axis and as many as six binary axis! This generates an extremely complex equation of symmetries.”

Can it have as many as five or six binary axis? Is it Coincidence or Chance? Or total synchronism of the Device with its integrated functioning and proposal for the planet?
Let us proceed with the study and more discoveries.


FACE “i”


In the superior quadrant of face “i” I found a surprising resemblance to the number “1”.

The sum of the symbols, already analyzed above in the upper superior quadrant totaled 0, where 10 is equal to 1.

The measurement of the width of the upper quadrant also resulted in a “1” ? (28 mm = 2+8 =10 = 1).

The value itself of this face, which is represented by the letter “i” is equivalent to “1”!

This coincidence allows me to state that the Superior Quadrant of the Energy Point, in relation whit the whole Device, functions as a real “organizer of frequencies”, since the number “1s” transmute energies that are “received/sent”…
(Cabalistically, the number “1” protects the weak, defends the oppressed and takes the burden off others… Stellar signs – Linda Goodman. Record).

Therefore, the numerological results that are found right in this area of the Point confirm that the upper quadrant of the Device performs a subtle transmutation of energy adapted to the individual protection of the being in his/her energy field.

Measurements of upper quadrant, face “i”:

1-) Width / Length of upper quadrant, face “i”:

Width: 28 mm, being 2+8= 10 à 1

Length of the upper quadrant à 98 mm, is: 9+8= 17 = 1+7 = 8

2-) Total area of upper quadrant, face “i”: multiplying height x width we find: 28 mm x 98 mm = 2.744 à 2+7+4+4 = 17 à 1+7 = 8

Finally for the superior quadrant we find some numerological links:

Width = 1

Length = 8

Total area: 28 mm x 98 mm = 8

1 + 8 + 8 = 17 à 1+ 7 = 8

Cabalistically, the superior quadrant definitely vibrates with a unique kind of power, based on compassion and detachment, whit a great capacity to help others. It modulates the subtle frequencies of individuals acting in a quiet, reserved way, but with security and determination, firmly developing a great inner strength.
We have already analyzed the numbers 1 as well as 8 and these numbers repeatedly appear throughout the study of the base. Les us continue with our investigation.

Pontal Dimensoes1-) Width of the base support: 46 mm = 4+ 6 = 10 à 1

2-) Length of the base support: 116 mm = 1+1+6 à 8

3-) Area: 46 mm x 116 mm = 5.336 mm = 5+3+3+6 = 17 à 1+7 = 8

Total sum of length x height and area of the supports, which gives:

1 + 8 + 8 = 17 à 1+ 7 = 8

As there are two supports (one on each side), the number eight needs to be added: 8+8= 16 à 1+6 = 7.

The number seven is the final result of the sum of the supports and their respective sides. Cabalistically, it vibrates with planet Neptune and represents spirituality, sensitivity, affection and mystery. It is the mystical support of the Energy Point. These measurements represent esoteric and mythological frequencies, spaceships, UFOS… it is the supporting connection between “what is above and what is below”.

Let us take note that the Hermeneutic Principle is an important link within the whole function represented by the cabalistic responses from the Device.

Similar result to the superior quadrant, that is = 8

The inferior quadrant repeats exactly the superior one, since their measurements are identical, therefore, we also have the 8 as a final result, but I understand that this number 8 of the inferior quadrant is bound to the physical aspect of the being, where a profound transmutation needs to happen; a deep and intense transmutation in terms of Solidarity, Peace, Affection, Detachment, Love, Confidence, Wisdom, Maturity of evolution and consciousness.
I think that when these forms of thought transmute, by going through the mystic 7 of the support, we will find the cosmic 8 that vibrates at this frequency, but with a degree of intensity that is “still” incomprehensible to us.

“We will find a consciousness both within and outside the Universe, we will find the consciousness of the whole(YOU ARE IN THE MIND OF THE WHOLE, THE MIND OF THE WHOLE IS IN YOU – Hermeneutic Principle)”.

What makes this metaphorical connection of the 8 from ABOVE WITH THE 8 from BELOW? – The 7! The mystic, the holistic number that allows consciousness to expand…

Therefore, there is no difference between the Mind of the Whole and your own mind, once the latter has emanated from the WHOLE, what happens, obviously, is that we get varying degrees of consciousness. In the case of the WHOLE, that means the WHOLE CONSCIOUSNESS, ABOVE ALL, BEYOND TIME, SPACE AND MASS. And we are rising slowly, patiently, with our errors and successes, having now only a minimum understanding of the mystic, the holistic and the Universe.
Surely the ENERGY POINT, in its quadrant or face “i”, may contain the key that will open the door to transmutation.


1-) Superior quadrant – face “i”:

Pontal Dimensoes 1Width: 28 mm = 2 + 8 à 10 à 1
Length: 98 mm = 9 + 8 à 17 à 1+7 = 8
Area: 28 mm x 98 mm = 2.744 mm à 17 à 1+7 à 8

2-) Right Support – face “i”:

Width; 46 mm = 4+6 = 10 à 1
Length: 116 mm = 1+1+6 à 8
Area: 46 mm x 116 mm = 5.336 mm = 5+3+3+6 à 17= 1+7 = 8

3-) Left Support – face “i”:

Width: 46 mm = 4+6 = 10 à 1
Length: 116 mm = 1+ 1+ 6 à 8
Area: 46 mm x 116 mm = 5.336 mm = 5+3+3+6 à 17 = 1+7 = 8

4-) Inferior Quadrant – face “i”:

Width: 28 mm = 2+8 à 10= 1
Length: 98 mm = 9+8 à 17 à 1+7 = 8
Area: 28 mm x 98 mm = 2.744 mm = 2+7+4+4 à 17 = 1+7 = 8

5-) Height / Width – face “i”:

Total Height: 172 mm = 1+7+2 à 10 à 1
Total Width: 98 mm = 9+8 à 17 à 1+7 = 8
Total Area: 172 mm x 98 mm =16.856 =1+6+8+5+6 à 26 à 2+6 = 8

Binary result, face “i” = 1,8 / 1,8 / 1,8 / 1,8 / 1,8 / 8.
There are, therefore, “5” binary repetitions 1 / 8. Please observe this interesting coincidence with n° “5”, it is the result of the sum of all the quadrants of face “i”, as demonstrated below:


Superior quadrant = 8

Lateral Supports = 7

Inferior Quadrant = 8

à(8 + 7 + 8) =23 à (2+3) = 5


In the end, the resulting number of the dimensional study of face “i” of the Energy Point is five. Then, the vibration that develops in the Energy Point in this face has great natural charm. It modulates the fast transmutations of errors and mistakes, whatever they may be. Vibration five is critical and incapable of ignoring errors. Change is an urgent necessity for number five, that is, change of location, relationships, residence, change in spiritual or political beliefs: the transmutation is imminent.

The expansion of the intellect makes it possible to procure and find logical answers, thus stimulating the whole intuitive potential, which is typical of the fives. The “five” is entirely capable of dissecting love instead of simply accepting it. Most people appreciate their company since they are unusually sympathetic and fascinating. The vibration of the five is that of the intellect and therefore, those who come under its influence are gifted with exceptional intelligence, generally above average. It is as if this gift were to manifest itself toward everybody; they are extremely brilliant and mentally agile. Nothing escapes the fives. It seems that they are in tune with the smallest of details. The fives have an enormous work and mental capacity, given that these vibrations produce very sharp minds.

If we then analyze the cabalistic numerology, we find that the metal Base, on this face “i”, is fundamentally important for what vibration 5 represents, as we were able to observe above, which is the result of the sum of the quadrants through the binary system 1/8 and 8/1, and mainly through the 8/7/8 system, according to what has already been explained. I insist that this study is not a closed one, on the contrary, any information that can shed any knowledge on the subject is always very welcome.


We begin the study of face “0”, in which the letter “0” has a numerical value of 7. From the start, this informs us that this quadrant of the Point vibrates on the frequency of the 7, remembering that number 7 represents mysticism, cures, miracles and faith, the union with the WHOLE!
In face “0”, the numbers of the superior and inferior quadrant are also repeated and, incredibly, the final result is 7 for the lateral supports, like those in face “i”. Although the numbers of these supports are different from the final sum, it is the same, as we will see below, meanwhile the most surprising discovery is that the system 8 / 7 / 8 is also repeated in face “0”, which confirms, without sophisms, that the Energy Point Device is really a powerful transmuter of subtle energy and that we exist, we are and we will be in the mind of the Fundamental Creator. Would this be the link? The answer is: Mysticism!

Thus remembering the measurements of the superior and inferior quadrant of face “i”, because they are identical in face “0”, we find:

1-) Superior quadrant – face “o”:

Width: 28 mm = 2 + 8 à 10 à 1

Length: 98 mm = 9 + 8 à 17 à 1+7 = 8

Area: 28 mm x 98 mm = 2.744 mm à 2+7+4+4 à 17 = 1+7 = 8

1+ 8 + 8 = 17 à 1+7 = 8
2-) Lateral Supports – face “o”:

Length: 116 mm à 1+1+6 = 8
Width (thickness of the wall): 3,5 mm

Area: 116 mm x 3,5 mm = 406 à 4+0+6 = 10 à 1

8 + 3,5 + 1 = 12,5 à 1+2 + 5 = 8
Since there are two supports, one beside the other, number 8 will have to be multiplied by two, which gives: 8+ 8 = 16 à 1 + 6 = 7!!!

4-) Inferior Quadrant – face “o”:
Width: 28 mm = 2 + 8 à 1
Length: 98 mm = 9 + 8 à 17 à 1+7 = 8
Area: 28 mm x 98 mm = 2.744 mm à 17= 1+7 = 8
Area: 28 mm x 98 mm= 2.744 mm à17= 1+7 = 8

1 + 8 + 8 =17 à 1+7 = 8

8 / 7 / 8!!

Then: 8 + 7 + 8 = 23 à 5!
Is this coincidence in the results of the two faces simply magic? Even with different numbers for the lateral supports, the results are given in the same context: 8/7/8!!!

No, I don’t relieve it is magic, the Point brings with itself the confirmation of:

Mente do Criador“What is above is equal to what is below, therefore the link is what is mystic, transcendental, it is the “language” the Fundamental Creator has given us. The plan of the ENERGY POINT for the planet is to mentally provide, realize and shape this transcendental connection by raising consciousness between the Creative Mind of the WHOLE and our mind, which, for many people, is still asleep in an unconscious state, like a seed about to germinate, transmuting it and waking it from its drowsiness, manifesting its full level of physical, mental and spiritual consciousness”.

1-) Superior quadrant face “0”: Width: 28mm = 2 + 8 à 10 à 1

Length: 98 mm = 9 + 8 à 17 à 1+7 = 8

Area: 28 mm x 98 mm = 2.744 mm à 2+7+4+4 = 17 = 1+7 = 8

2-) Right Support – face “0”:

Length = 116 mm à 1+1+6 = 8

Width (thickness of the wall) = 3,5 mm à 3 + 5 = 8

Total area: 116 mm x 3,5 mm = 406 à 4+0+6 = 10 à 1

3-) Left Support – face “0”:

Length = 116 mm à 1+1+6 = 8 Width (thickness of the wall) = 3,5 mm à 3 + 5 = 8

Total area: 116 mm x 3,5 mm = 406 à 4+0+6 = 10 à 1

4-) Inferior Quadrant – face “0”:

Width: 28 mm à 2 + 8 = 10 =1

Length: 98 mm = 9 + 8 à 17 à 1+7 = 8

Area: 28 mm x 98 mm = 2.744 mm à 17 = 1+7 = 8

5-) Overall height: 172 mm = 1+7+2 à 10 à 1

Total width: 98 mm = 9+8 à 17 à 1+7 = 8

Total area: 172 mm x 98 mm: 16.856 à 1+6+8+5+6 = 26 = 2+6 = 8

Ternary result – face “0”: 188 / 881 / 881 / 188 / 18 8

Therefore there are also 5 ternary repetitions!!
This means a binary as well as ternary result with 5 combinations.

Analyzing both results both -face “i” and “0”, we have:

Face “i” (binary) = 1,8 / 1,8 / 1,8 / 1,8 / 1,8
Face “o” (ternary) = 1,8,8 / 8,8,1 / 8,8,1 / 1,8,8/ 1,8,8

Perhaps these binary and ternary numbers, which are repeated 5 times, can have some correlation with harmonic sounds that could activate the Point even more. I am investigating this hypothesis.


B 2 -) Dimensions of the Superior and Inferior Crystals.

The dimensions of the crystal pyramids are extremely variable, mainly due to the fact that they are being stoned manually, one by one, from a much bigger block. The work is done individually, sometimes producing glass shards in the process and modifying the previously defined dimensions. The objective is to obtain a perfect final stoning result with all the right planned angles for the pyramids, unlike the metal base where there is a small variation of approximately 3 mm. Already in both pyramids, the crystals can have a variation of up to 4 centimeters in height, and of up to 4 mm in the width of the bases. But there is a possibility that these differences will alter the intent of the original measurements coming from the matrices (molds) that receive the fused liquid crystal, giving shape to the pyramidal devices. There will always be a sacred, exact and special symmetry, an absolute fractal between molecules and crystalline particles, molded by the Supreme Intelligence that will be sent directly to the person who acquires the Point. In other words, through synchronism with the Universe and the Mind of the Fundamental Creator, the pyramidal crystals will attract the intended person, wherever she or he may be!

Therefore I will study the measurements of the pyramid crystals by using the measurements of the mold, which are:


Pontal Piramide maiorGreater Pyramid

1-) Overall height of the bulk block : 323 mm, ? 3+2+3 = 8.

(323 mm x 4 sides = 1.292 ? 14 = 1+4 = 5)

2-) Total width of the bulk base: 136 mm, ? 1+3+6 = 10 ? 1.

(136 mm x 4 sides = 544 ? 13 = 1+ 3 = 4)

Area of the face: 323 mm x 136 mm = 43.928

3- Total area: 43.928 x 4 sides = 175.712 ? 23 = 2+3= 5

Pontal Piramide menor

Smaller Pyramid

1-) Overall height of bulk piece: 98 mm = 9+ 8 ? 17 = 1+7 ? 8

(98 mm x 4 sides = 392 ? 3+9+2 = 14 = 1+4 = 5)

2-) Total width of bulk piece: 73 mm. = 7+3 ? 10 = 1

(73 mm x 4 sides = 292 ? 13 = 1+3 = 4)

Face area: 98 mm x 73 mm = 7.154
3-) Total area: 7.154 x 4 sides = 28.616 to 23 = 2+3 = 5



In fact the coincidences don’t stop here. If we analyze the similar results in the two pyramids, particularly the fact that they both have total areas that add up to 5, this would confirm the 8/7/8 system that we have just studied above. And what should we make of the 8,1 binary system that is found in both pyramids and the ternary 8,1,8 when we also calculate the area of the face? What would that mean?
It is a confirmation of course and these calculations show us that the Energy Point is not the result of pure chance but a totally integrated system, arising from a superior intelligence that knows and understands systems and I am convinced that this is some kind of information… As I have said earlier, I will continue researching thoroughly and accepting any help in deciphering the extensive binary and ternary systems that we have uncovered in the general sums of the metal base and the pyramid crystals.

If we sum up the crystals, we then find that each pyramid, in individual form, represents the number 5, as already shown above, and in the total set, they represent the 1, as we can see below:

8 + 1 + 5 + 8+ 1+5 = 28 ? 2+8 = 10 ? 1

The whole set in the pyramid is therefore, 1, and we have already expanded on this previously. It is being represented by the sum of the symbols on the superior support of the base (10 symbols) and it is in the measurement of the width of the Point (98 mm) and it is the first numerological name: PONTAL (in Portuguese) (28 à 10 à 1) as we will see in the following section…. Number 1, as we have already seen, organizes, transmutes, realigns…


B 4-) Numerological study of the name and date of the ENERGY POINT:

Dream date: 17 / 06 /2000 (beginning of the project, twin signs, an interesting coincidence with pyramids ^V )

Adding the date: 1+7 + 6 + 2 = 16 à 1+ 6 = 7

Time of the dream: 3:47 am.

Adding the digits in the hour: 3+4+7 = 14? 1+4 = 5!

P = 8 0 = 7 N = 5 T = 4 A = 1 L = 3

Adding the value of the letters that make up the word PONTAL (original Portuguese name of the POINT): 8+7+5+4+1+3 = 28 à 2+8= 10 = 1

E = 5 N = 5 E = 5 R = 2 G = 3 É = 5 T = 4 I = 1 C = 3 0 = 7

Adding the value of the letters of the word ENERGÉTICO (Original Portuguese word for Energy):
5+5+5+2+3+5+4+1+3+7 = 40 à 4

1 + 4 = 5!

The number 5 appears several times in the study of the dimensions of the base…

Analyzing some of these coincidences:

1-) 5 is the result of the sum of 8 / 7 / 8 (23 à 2+3 = 5) in the facets of the metal base.

2-) 5 is in the binary and ternary repetitions of faces “i” and “0” resulting from the total sum of the measurements of these facets.

3-) 5 is the numerological result of the name Energy Point.

4-) 5 is the number that is repeated five times in the name of the Point.

5-) 5 is the amount of symbols in the left support of the base.

6-) 5 is the numerical value of each pyramid in their dimensional sums.

7-) 5 is the resulting total area of each area of the crystals in the pyramid.

😎 5 is the result when you sum up the digits of the hour of the dream: 3:47 (3+4+7=14 à 1+4=5)

The vibration of the Energy Point is therefore in the 5 and as already studied above, it is the vibration of Transmutation through the tuning of the being!

This study remains open, as I said, and I don’t pretend to close it to doubts or questions that may arise. What I hope to demonstrate with this is the great commitment of the Device with humanity, with the frequencies that can and will lead us to a greater state of consciousness. Perhaps one day some genes will be able to activate our consciousness to a higher state in a natural and imperceptible form.
The Energy Point can definitely help us transform from a humanoid condition to a human condition and from there to a state where beings are capable to elevate themselves spiritually.

Cosmo Fernando Pacetta

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