Some of the main stellar commands are the Federation of the Altar and Pleiades Humanoids (the only interdimensional portal to other universes, it vibrates in a silver blue energy that is harmonization)
Dr. Richard Boylan

…I remember sitting down in the last row of an amphitheatre full of people from countless nationalities. Even though I arrived just before the event started, I found a seat that looked like it had been waiting for me because it was the only one that was empty. Immediately, I settled comfortably in the seat and the conference started. The lights were dimmed and up there, three people came to sit down under thunderous applause from the audience. On the table around which the three panelists were sitting, I saw a Point. I found the piece very beautiful, but frankly, I must say I did not understand anything…But I thought that, since I was there, there must have been a reason for it. After a few seconds, a beautiful young woman stood up. I say beautiful because her beauty was startling: she was tall, 1,85 m more or less, or may be more; she had long blond hair, fine features with deep blue eyes and a perfect body. She was wearing a sky blue tunic… her companions, a blond one and a dark one, were also young but a bit shorter than her.
-“Hi, she said, I am Ratihci, our goal tonight is to show the first device that was planned a long time ago for this momentum on planet Earth and which will become very important for Gaia!… It will work as it has worked in the past, but with the help of a new technology, forming a web of conscientiousness on the planet, through which the people of the earth can exchange energy with each other, transferring it to those who need it, without resorting exclusively to cosmic resources that come solely from the Universe. That would mean reaching a balance within your own selves…”

After a long dissertation on the more scientific aspects of the device, and how to use it, she added:
-“We will now demonstrate its more subtle workings.” Then, the lights were dimmed a little more and behind the table, a huge canvas that had been placed there became fluorescent and a vertical reddish line, like a neon light, turned on and divided the canvas in the middle and started going up and down on its axis. Right at that time, something interesting occurred. I confess that what I saw left me confused… The Point that was on the table started to slowly float in the air, turning clockwise… While it was turning, a pale light seemed to be emanating from it; then Ratihci said: “We will connect it at the maximum so the purpose of love will light it!” I am not sure what happened next… but for a few seconds, an enormous and profound silence took hold of the audience… until, from the roof of the auditorium, a light beam of four inches more or less, of an intense bluish white color was aimed at the summit of the Energy Point which was turning completely free. When this light beam, which appeared to come from nowhere, touched the Point, it penetrated the crystal with a constant flow. It started to turn slowly, but the speed started to increase so it was turning much more quickly at each turn, until a thousand colored sparks started flying out of the bigger pyramid like a diamond sparkling in the sun… That energy was turning at an incredible speed and it started to concentrate on the smaller pyramid, involving all of the symbols of the Point, and with all its strength it went to the center of the Chartres labyrinth and it crossed it and right at the moment it reached the cap in a straight line, the energy started to modulate itself forming waves around the base of the Point. Successive, circular waves started to propagate toward all the people who were present. I confess that I was speechless before this demonstration, which seemed something out of the movie “Star Wars” and at one point I thought: “Jeez! With all the crystals we have in Brazil, it would be good if someone could produce a “piece” like this one. The waves that were coming out of the Point were similar to the waves that are formed on a pond when you drop a stone into the water; they had the exact same shape… but when these waves were “touching” us (yes, it sounds strange, but they were touching us) we would be submerged into a state of peace that is impossible to describe. The sensation that we got every time we were touched by a wave was of peace, harmony, happiness, in fact, every beautiful sensation that we strive to feel as human beings… We were even able to feel some orgasmic waves! It is really very difficult to describe these sensations.
A little while after, the colored waves started to fade and the rotation of the Point became suspended in the air. It started to come down slowly and landed on the table; the background canvas became white again; the red neon line stopped and lowered, turning itself off completely; the lights were turned on and we… well, I don’t know about the others, but I… I was floating on a cloud… I had never felt such an experience in my life before… But what place was this? After a while, and with the whole audience enthralled, Ratihci and her companions insisted on the importance of the device for our planet and they cordially took leave of the audience, and people started to leave the place. At that time, while I was standing, waiting for the people to exit so I could also leave, I felt the presence of someone beside me in the aisle. When I looked, I was speechless: Ratihci and her friends were getting close and she stared at me (I repeat: her beauty was something out of this world! I wonder whether she has also caught that thought) and she said to me: -“Cosmo, how are you? We felt your desire to produce the Energy Point in Brazil!”

I was even more confused and felt weak to speak in her presence, but I managed to answer:
-“Look, I wasn’t thinking in producing it, I was just remembering that we have a lot of crystal in Brazil and that it would be really good if some one could produce it!
To which she answered: -“Well, yes, you are this person!”
I almost fainted. I thought that she was wrong and I rushed to clarify the misunderstanding, telling her: -” Look, my field is not crystals, I don’t work in crystals, I have a plastic plant and I also import, I do not have any technical knowledge for this, and despite my mysticism, I don’t understand anything about this subtle energy you were talking about. I think you are mistaken, Ms. Ratihci…

– “Cosmo, by any chance, are you not going to travel to a city rich in crystals tomorrow?”
In fact, I had a meeting planned with a retailer the next day, in the mentioned city, but I had cancelled it the day before, asking my employees, Eduardo and Daiele to go there for me… So I told her that I was not going to that city.
-“Cosmo, you will go to that city”, she said, “and after you are done your business, you will look for a store where you will find some pyramids placed side by side on a stand, right at the entrance of the store.”
I found myself taken aback by the efficient, frank and friendly manner in which she spoke to me. Then I answered:
-“OK, I will try to go to that city, and if I do find the pyramids, I will try to develop this project!” Immediately or rather instantly, I was transferred to another room, totally white, it was a bright, translucent white. I observed that the floor was giving off that same kind of light and that there was a vault in the ceiling, similar to a pan lid, with a circular opening in the middle, also white. However, I was not able to devise the walls, which seemed to get lost, and I could not appreciate the distance between them either. I could see that the vault was about six meters high. The four of us started to walk toward the center of the room, under the vault, where a table was placed. On the table, Ratihci opened what looked like a kind of book and she showed me, in details, the whole project regarding the ENERGY POINT.
I got extremely concerned because the quantify of information, symbols and functions contained in the project were immense and moreover, I had never seen anything similar in my life…
Noticing my concern, which was increasingly visible, she told me: “Cosmo, when you wake up, write down all the details of what you have seen and heard and don’t worry, because you will have to research many things. After your research, you will end up finding all the symbols that form the Point, except for one, which we will give you at the end, as a proof of what we are telling you…”
I looked at her intensely, I was overwhelmed by shock and I woke up instantly, it was 3:47 a.m. I got up, a little light headed… was this possible?
I washed my face right away, I went to my desk and I started writing everything that I could remember, with plenty of details, even of my own memories that were coming back. At 7:30 a.m. I was at my company’s office, ready for the trip. I gave Daiele a leave for the day and I went with Eduardo to the mentioned city. During the trip, I told Eduardo about the dream I had had and he was a little worried about the story, and he decided to go with me to the stores, after the meeting with the retailer, and look for the pyramids…At around 10:30 a.m., we started looking for the store that was in my dream. We minutely searched all over the place, and I confess I was getting frustrated with this useless search, and ashamed of having made Eduardo lose so much time on this, until, during our last attempt, we came upon a place that was sitting at a corner and I told Eduardo:- “Du, this is the last place where we will search, if we don’t find anything here, we will leave!” But when we got into the store, we were motionless… There they were, the same way Ratihci had described them to me, in the same place, one pyramid beside the other. It was incredible! And I bought them. When I went back to the office, I started to build a model. We did research for eight months. We found an artisan who was able to give shape to the whole project. And just when everything was ready to start casting the first pieces, I had another insight. I woke up around 3 in the morning, distinctly hearing Ratihci’s voice, and she was telling me:
-“Hi Cosmo, I told you I would give you the last information at the end, so that you would trust this project totally, so, please, pick up some binoculars!
– Binoculars, now? I asked.
– Yes, she said. Pick up some binoculars, go outside and look at the Orion constellation.”
A few minutes later, I was outside looking at Orion and she then kept on saying:
– ” Look for a palm on the left side of Beldequese, you will see two stars, the one below is Saturn and the other one is Aldebaran, our constellation. On the left of Aldebaran is our home, we are from Hyades and, in the past, on your planet, we had a covenant entered into with Hermes, we are now putting it into practice. Now observe the form of this conglomerate…”
I thought, who would that Hermes be, but at that moment she did not tell me. I observed that a triangle was being formed, with one star, then at the bottom and at the center of the triangle, she asked to link those points and to rotate them as if they were a spin of neutrinos (the spin of this particle from the electron and proton around the molecular nucleus). I was speechless…it was the three dimensional design of the Energy Point!
– ” Cosmo, this is what we wished to transmit to you. Multiply the device as soon as you can, it will be very important for all of you. Your responsibility is enormous, but we will be helping you…Peace!”
There is no need to say how I felt. The next day, I went to see the artisan who was preparing some molds for casting that could be used as proof. We talked and, a bit reluctantly, he agreed to add the symbols of the Hyades to the models, even though this would mean that the casting would be delayed for a few days. After one week, Giuseppe, the artisan, gave me the first pieces that had been cast. I could not contain my emotion. They were identical to the ones I had seen…When I joined the crystals, I was able to feel again, albeit with less intensity, all the subtle energy that Ratihci showed us in the auditorium.
Presently, I am using my free time to work for the Point. I discovered surprising, mystical and unexplainable situations. It would take too long to explain them here.
This is the first part of the Point project – we already have 7 devices, even though for some of them we do not have the technology yet, but we are waiting for it – little by little, an enormous amount of therapeutic information is being transferred to me. I am in the process of gathering information for a book on the ‘HOLOGRAPHIC THERAPY OF ACCESS TO THE UNITY OF INTELLIGENCE’, which will have to be used together with the Energy Point. This is a brand new world therapy, there is nothing similar on the planet…” Peace!

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