I slept and I dreamt that life was a joy…
I woke up and I saw that life was to service
I acted and behold! The service was a joy!

Rabindranat Tagore


The use of subtle energy was one of the technologies mastered by the culture of Atlantis, thousands of years ago. At that time, the energy was generated by a whole system of devices made of crystals, some of them special, that were left below the surface of the earth with the purpose of forming a subterranean magnetic fence, by way of a network, in order to sustain some activities of subtle conductivity such as: telepathic communication, transportation, healing, free energy and other beneficial properties.

In those days, one of those subtle systems was known as THE NETWORK. This term is defined as a uniform process in a horizontal and vertical space-time continuum, with multidimensional piezoelectric frequency lines (imaginary) which would be used to locate local geodesic and graphic dimensional points, as well as using them to make construction maps or draw blueprints for buildings; beyond the points of general energy flux, naturally scattered throughout the planet, etc… and up to inter dimensional points, that is, beyond the dimension of the momentum in question, connecting intergalactic systems, enabling inter-dimensional travel or travel between parallel and superimposed universes, or even furthermore, connecting the said momentum to the inter-dimensional, atemporal, intelligent consciences, or even beyond that context.
Therefore, the network was a system of subtle frequencies that involved very complex forms of energy, where very few people were able to retain the knowledge of how it worked. This technological mastery, obtained by the inhabitants of Atlantis, enables the direct union of a few centers of energy on the planet to the “worm holes” (time travel tunnels) and they were activated by human thoughts through a frequency wave that is identical and adjusted to the subtle energy waves of the Universe. The great majority of them were made on this planet, of quartz crystals, but also many other minerals could be used for that purpose, obviously, with the aim of emitting specific frequencies with the above-mentioned use in mind.


The system I am about to describe below has been carefully worked out over thousands of years as a plan for mutual prosperity, which was undoubtedly produced by people who were extremely intelligent. It was laid out in minute details and represented in studies and in geodesic, planetary forms and in the constellations of our galactic system or beyond. This means that the intelligence of the Universe has acted together with these specific geodesic lines drawn for the purpose of conducting energy as well as with the mental forms that enabled their stratification.

Such a web of electromagnetic frequencies has existed for many centuries and sustained a very important civilization: the people of Atlantis, thus allowing for a better life for the inhabitants who lived on planet Earth at that time.
This system of “Great Power” consisting in specific crystal devices, where some of them would be located underground, was developed by the great instructor and master, Hermes Trismegistus and Ratihci who came from planet Nibiru. They were allied with great priests, both male and female, and came to our Planet on that special occasion, in order to build, with their inter dimensional thinking, a new civilization on our galaxy. The complex situation arising from the efforts to connect the being with space and the former with the Earth was also being completed with the cooperation of the kingdoms of Enki and Enlil, sons of Anu, lord of Nibiru. This was based on totally esoteric principles, which formed the whole basis for the Atlantis conscientiousness and which main goal was to forge a successful connection with the ALL.
These esoteric principles are in fact part of a whole Web system scattered around the Universe, which allows for traveling as well as stratification of energies. They are part of the laws of the Universe and therefore of universal knowledge that includes the following fields: psycho biophysics, chemistry, electromagnetism, piezoelectricity, quantic and subtle fields, on the planet itself as well as in nature and in the beings in their various states of frequency density, thus resulting in final, concrete and positive effects of the Magnetic Web that enabled total integration: Mankind – Planet – Universe! What we had was the use of the correct frequencies of human thinking together with the frequencies of the Universe, in tune with each other in a pure way, and that enabled the building of the Magnetic Web.
Presently, only a few people know about the Web and there are others who even get to feel the frequency of the so-called Law lines which are part of the Web, that is, they are the threads that are still working perfectly well, uniting countless points on the planet and beyond.
These electromagnetic lines of energy are linked to the planet and as I said earlier, they link countries, mystical points, places and countless geodesic centers which used to be important in those days. Many of these points are today cities or places with a great concentration of people, or they are sunken under the sea or in open fields and natural areas.
On the other hand, there is a growing number of professional people such as architects, scientists, archeologists, etc., who feel a strange magnetic energy, as if it were traced along lines at every corner of the globe, interfering directly in their professional activities. Even thought they don’t really understand how it works and given that, in fact, those magnetic fields do interfere, they feel them and try to use them and, in some cases, they modify their original purposes according to these fields. Since they do not know where they are located, they try to adjust to them, but it is difficult to explain them or prove their existence with our present scientific knowledge.
On the other hand, some mystics believe that they can find physical evidence in order to defend and sustain the existence of the lines that form the Web by using the spiritual trigonometry technique of Buckminster Fuller. Even though those mystics might be able to prove its existence theoretically, it would be extremely complicated to come up with scientific explanation of how they were created and for what purpose. Of course, we know that many secrets are still kept hidden and they will only be revealed once the planets have reached a certain level of spiritual development.
This is my way of trying to open up knowledge on this subject, which was transmitted to me through Ratihci. It starts with the basic formation of the Law lines of the Web in itself, with the ancient devices and with the present function of the ENERGY POINT, as well as with the confirmation of the existence of the Web lines and their power of intersection in thousands of points that are being perceived until today by the more sensitive beings on this planet.


The esoteric circles already believe intuitively in the power that these magnetic lines exercise and they try to use them in some activities (there are indications that some governments already use some techniques to access this force and unfortunately they are using it in experiments of a military nature). However, without the appropriate equipment, they will not be successful, since it would be like trying to watch a TV show without the ANTENNA, whereby, in spite of having electrical power, the TV set, and knowing that the waves are being transmitted by the stations, with a range of who knows where, and knowing also the time of the show, but not having an ANTENNA connected to the system, then you will only end up imagining the scene.
THE ENERGY POINT is the first of a series of devices that are being created since the year 2001, according to the prophecy of Atlantis. Its function is to connect with the lines of the Web, enabling access to its subtle conductivity and the use of the whole system through a unique frequency scheme. With this connection we can propose a two-fold initial use: a professional one, aimed at the evolution of the planet, so to speak; and another one, a personal one, aimed at raising the level of spirituality in the human being.
The professional uses would be the following:
1. Awareness of the determined position of buildings like cathedrals, pyramids, sacred structures, mystical temples like: Mesopotamia, Machu Pichu, Stonehenge, Santo Tome de las Letras, Alto Paraiso, etc.; and also of mystical objects, wherever they may be on the planet, including the Energy Point.
2. An easier observation of UFOs, because of the alteration in the frequency of the oscillation field in the equipment of the UFOs, making it possible to visualize those objects, which would eventually get to be seen.
3. Awareness of a correct model for the migration of birds, since right now, with the high index of electromagnetic parasitic charge in the atmosphere created by modulated frequencies and microwaves, some birds are losing their sense of direction and also their instinctive perception of timely flight, which is causing an ecological imbalance.
4. Awareness of a much more careful intuitive analysis of world wide volcanic activities, earthquakes, tidal waves, making it possible for the scientists to acquire a much more acute intuitive perception of these phenomena and with anticipation, which would enable the timely evacuation of populated areas, thus avoiding great tragedies.
5. Awareness of the activities related to gravity and anti-gravity, caused or influenced by the stars or electromagnetic phenomena on the planet. It already allows for the scientific study of the absence of gravity or mass (matter and anti-matter) due to inverted electronic and protonic poles and their relative conductive atomic consequences.
6. Awareness of the direction of air currents on the planet, enabling, through the intuitive process, the prediction of tornados, hurricanes or intense winds, thus allowing for the prevention of great catastrophic events.
7. Awareness of the direction of marine currents, allowing a perception of marine phenomena, as well as the fish population migration patterns for the purpose of improving the reproduction of marine species as a whole and providing a new ecological approach to that environment, through the intuitive system.
8. Awareness of the maintenance of human life for the production of countless therapeutic resources, enabling human beings to have access to powerful medications and therapies, which will interfere with the crystallographic fields of human oscillations, without surgical intervention and with a quick, safe and painless healing. Therefore the piezoelectrical frequency produced by the Energy Point is oriented by its mental frequency. It interacts with the electromagnetic web submerged and built by the inhabitants of Atlantis. This is actually the specific device that you need to access the Web, to influence it and modify it.

This constitutes the major spiritual breakthrough attained so far on the planet. It shows a higher level of thinking, intelligence and love between human beings and toward Gaia, our mother Earth.


It is much more sophisticated than the ancient devices used by the people of Atlantis. It will be used from now on the surface of the planet, creating a higher line, which will obviously connect with the previously built base. It is the final complement to the project initiated by Hermes Trimegistus to complete the whole web. In it, the mental frequency waves of free love will start uniting, to the extent that many more devices will be on the planet and connecting with every point of the ancient and new web, and they will alter the wave frequencies on the planet Earth as a whole and no one or nothing will be able to oppose this project, because it is free and based on good and love at a high frequency.
In this slow but dense process, we will get the following immediate functions for the Energy Point:
1- Connection of waves from subtle and spiritual bodies and universal beings;
2- The supply of great quantities of free subtle energy for the auric field of those who are connected with it, enabling a new frequency of molecular oscillation for humans, while balancing it within this new pattern of frequency, responding to the crystal and mineral graphic pattern of perfection for humanity, which will enable it to achieve permanent physical, mental and spiritual health.
This new Point (“new” means “millenary” since this device is surely as ancient as its predecessor, even though it is being revealed only now) has been developed by the team of Hermes and taken to this planet by the priestess Ratihci. Initially, she will synchronize the different types of waves or mental frequencies emitted by the thinking beings and linked to the heart, at the center of the individual. These frequencies will then be connected immediately to the Point and subsequently to the Web through the new surface lines that will attract each other like magnets by the several Points what will be scattered, where ever they may be, thus forming the extensive “WEB” planned by the Hermes team.
These piezoelectric frequencies coming from the Point were created in order to connect directly with the ego itself, and therefore, with the Divine and Universal plane. The result is a planetary web of lines connecting planet Earth as one of the energy points within the Universe.
The results of this wide and incredible connection will be increasingly perceived by human beings in their auric, subtle and frequency fields, thus activating the centers of individuality and generating purified energies for all who are on the Web, united to the micro and macro cosmos through the Point. It will become, from then on, the new energy field created by the thoughts that are positioned in a very high frequency in the spiritual or subtle life. This type of frequency is in turn connected automatically to the light of Gaia on a grid, or a web called: The force of the Creator or “Consciousness of the Universe”.
This kind of union creates a series of multi frequency waves similar to the neuron connections of the central nervous system, signaling and connecting the physical world with the ethereal realm among all the beings on the planet and beyond, thus giving the direction of a definite frequency to Gaia in the Universe. In this way, a system of ultra sophisticated mental and spiritual telecommunication, highly advanced and with very wide responses in all fields, was created thousands of years ago and was completed now in this period, accessible to all who wish to attain a greater state of clear consciousness, since any one can have his/her own device and become part of this millenary effort of redirecting the planet toward a state of total love.


A long time ago, in Atlantis, many people who were scattered and living apart kept in contact mentally by using this “divine force”, either to heal or transport themselves, or for any other use. They only depended on the energy provided by government devices, located underground. The system was not usable on an individual basis, as opposed to the one that was being planned for the future, whereby every person would be able to use his/her own device, thus widening substantially his/her capacities. In those days, the connections or mental journeys were done through the frontal Chakra or Third Eye, which would connect with the government device at a distance. This energy field would work as a connection, uniting the mind and the heart of the superior EGO to the distant devices.
All the inhabitants of the planet would travel through it, widely using the Third eye, as I said, which was the resonant link to the device. This system remains unchanged in the energy Point, where the connection is also made through the frontal Chakra or Third eye. Hermes Trimegistus, Ratihci, and the other beings of light would coordinate the whole esoteric system and control the connection between the energy system and that of the beings, and from the latter to the devices.
However, it was necessary to get an authorization from the government and you had to follow a whole protocol for the process to follow its course in a kind of minor ceremony, whereby the priests authorized to make the connection would interview people. In this ceremony, the priests would mentally implant celestial crystals in a symbolic form in the subtle light fields of the people and implant identically cloned matrixes in the crystals of the devices.
Only the priests and people who were high in the spiritual hierarchy would know the location of the devices and where the cloned matrix was being kept. These geometric and symbolic crystals were codified, as they still are today, according to the universal language of light. They were present in the ancient devices, as well as in the crystals that form the base of the present day Energy Point. They would emit frequency in order to connect signals from light points between the person being connected and the beings on the planet or in the universe, allowing, through this effort, to form lines of radiating light for all dimensions and all bodies, including the esoteric and subtle ones, which were linked with planet Earth, thus forming a Divine illuminated energy, allowing for a great fraternity among the frequencies.
The priests’ role was to determine which crystals were to be used. They would previously study the frequency of each being, that is, they would analyze which minerals were ruling the material body of each being and they would level it through the frequency of the devices, after doing a study related to the previous consultation. These symbols would function like astral antennas in the auras of the being where they would be activated as receptors and mentally implanted in the subtle bodies of beings and, once connected to the devices, they would go through a process in which they would ensure frequency compatibility, according to each being’s frequency, as well as according to family or social groups, or according to the types of profession held, the hierarchy of the person, the range of the individual’s reach, etc. Therefore, it was based on the self ‘per se’ and in the respective fields of the people or groups, or their own similar characteristics with other groups with a purported connection with the said beings. The individual connections were made through the priests. The crystallographic light symbols would then identify the necessary confluence in order to make the connections. The person would receive those symbols, visualize the device and then would never get to see it again, since the connection would be internalized mentally through the symbols. After preparing a subtle codification, which would be done for each being or group, the team of Master Hermes would position the devices that were compatible with the crystals and their groups on the surface of the Earth. Afterward, they would perform another type of ceremony among the priests, who knew everything and were in charge of the implants and the devices within society – it was as if all the knowledge had to pass through them first, so that the piezoelectric energies emitted by the crystals would be transformed into electromagnetic energy, enabling it to travel all over the planet through the Web for the benefit of the people.
During those restricted rituals, some individuals were chosen and charged with a special type of high frequency of illuminated energy, with the mission of connecting it to other points of the planet. These energies were sent to the world through the lines of the Web (in some special cases, these energies were projected in an inter-dimensional way, which enabled the connection with other galaxies and forms of intelligence for an exchange of cosmic consciousness) and therefore, they were designated to connect those points that had their own frequency with sacred places, or with those that the high priests would designate.
The connection ceremony would be finalized in an operation consisting of harmonic sound frequencies, which would reproduce exactly the same frequencies of the crystals or minerals that were needed for each pre-established function and the individual being connected.
Some sounds would contain melodies and would create specific music for each person or connected group, and some times, in the presence of the high priests and masters, the auras of the people connected would emit energy rays of a great beauty.
Some would be selected to be agents of the Divine journey and would travel to several places. At any time they would visit new and unknown places with the purpose of widening the Web lines through the implantation of underground devices (in fact they would be buried, as if they were underground energy lines).
This process would be multiplied all over the place, the lines becoming more intense, making them as strong as possible and “melted” with the planet, transforming them into impenetrable subtle energies, in fact, indestructible ones (and this is why we can actually still capture them today).
The images of light produced by these lines were so pure and radiant that the priests and mystics of the day would easily be able to notice them.
Actually, these Web lines can be observed and even tracked by celestial and light beings through the sky, since, when this fact occurred, several inter galactic connections were made and, since, in some parts of the universe, time is not perceived in the same way we perceive it here, these beings can perceive the Web as if this information were given to them right at the moment…
Every one who tries to tune into this frequency through the Point can easily use it in a positive way, as we will see below. In fact, with the building of the Web, the cosmic radiations of the Universe with the Earth started to interact with more frequency in a more dynamic way, which generated, at the physical level an increase in the quickness of the mental responses and an expanded intelligence capacity, but, unfortunately, almost all the information related to the use and methodology of these subtle technologies were lost (or, rather, they were kept, very well kept, in the shape of thoughts, such as the symbols that are projected in auric fields, but they were kept in the auric field of Gaia!)
When Atlantis began to have problems with the purported POWER struggle between seven politicians who wanted to understand and master completely the knowledge of the devices mechanisms which had been transmitted only to the priests, these seven people, who at the time formed the social government of Atlantis, forced Hermes Trimegistus, with all the means at their disposal, to reveal this wisdom supposedly for the benefit of a social use. They wanted to possess it at any cost. Fearing that this scientific knowledge would be put to an evil use, upon the order of Hermes, some priests hid it inside the aura of Gaia, but under another configuration, and to be used in the future, when there would be a real need for it…
THE ENERGY POINT contains some of this information, and I believe that, in due time, these secrets will be revealed gradually toward the Point or other devices, thus retrieving the knowledge that has been kept so jealously… According to my information, these seven people would now be reincarnated and reunited in some social or religious group!
Meanwhile, back in those days, before the problems caused by the power struggle, peace, love and light were distributed evenly every where, so that all beings would unconditionally be connected through this energy to the Divine Plane. With the Energy Point, it is possible to reinitiate the connection with all beings in the Universe. Hermes’ plan undoubtedly follows a superior guidance in order to use the electromagnetic Web of the Earth and correctly use the Point. One of these innovations is that the present device only connects with the love frequency, it does not work if one doubts, or has religious pre-conceived ideas, etc., since what determines the connection to Gaia and the Universe is only You and your own love frequency, thus indicating a preparation for the Fifth Dimension.


There is a form of intelligence in the device itself that does not require rites, priests or anything of the sort, but only the essence of a being turned toward good, able to make do without any kind of institution. This may explain why this secret has been so closely guarded by the ancient civilizations. In spite of the prevalent evil occult power that has taken hold of the planet, Light can always be attained through divine intervention. Many priests and priestesses, as well as people who come from the highest ranks of Atlantis and other quarters of the Universe, are found reincarnated and intuitively conscious of their extremely important mission for the planet. A new and great matrix is beginning, which has to be built, but now it has to be done above the surface of the planet. This new matrix will of course connect with the ancient subterranean one and then, the Light Web projected by Hermes and his priests will be finalized, elevating the Earth and making it reach the Fifth Dimension.
The people of Atlantis whose mission it is to complete the Web are coming back, as I said, in new bodies. Some of those spirits represent the order of Melchizedek and they are committed to the same propositions of the past and they have a precise mission: to reinstall the high frequency on the planet, through a new Web which will be located at almost 5 metres above the surface of the earth. It will be very sad for those who are committed but do not understand their mission, because they will not be useful to this planet of the Fifth dimension. On the other hand, those who wanted proof of this power in order to exploit it for evil purposes are also reincarnated…
History repeats itself but the times have changed.
Fortunately, we can count with the support of Light beings that are really dedicated to the conclusion of Hermes’ work.
The transmutation into the Fifth Dimension requires a “language” of Light that contains countless geometric and crystalline symbols. Many of those are already displayed on the Point, printed on its base, representing the frequency with which the subtle human necessities can be codified and transcended into multidimensional forms of thought. Once they are installed in your own EGO, these symbols infiltrate the structure of atomic frequency and the related bioenergy field and start to deconstruct pre-conceived structures, religions, chips, problems, archetypes, etc. Some people can feel discomfort and a great mistrust toward the connection to the Point, like the loss of something unexplainable or a fear of dependency. But once these light symbols are connected to the Point, these “collateral” effects start occurring under this language of light, they transport the holographic divine copy to our individual dimensions, adequating the EGO’s will to the will of the Universe, the Divine will! These symbols will be decoded very quickly by the human consciousness in our subtle bodies. This work is being done step by step by the Celestial hierarchy, particularly by Ratihci, with all those who had permission to complete the installation of the Web.
This subtle field connection will bring many other symbols, aside from the common ones located at the base of the Point, but our capacity to receive them will depend on the level of consciousness of each one of us, so that the being itself may codify them in its DNA structure, while having to keep open to the longitude of the light waves from the cosmic consciousness. This means that the individual will have to undergo a personal transformation. Unfortunately, the less consciousness there will be, the less ability to capture the code of this cosmic light.
The more symbols people will receive intuitively, while using the Energy Point, the greater the responsibility to serve the planet. The great goal is to raise the Earth to the Fifth dimension, as I have indicated earlier, in order to connect our personal light with the Web, this way we will be able to focus our energies and important messages, impregnated with God’s intelligence.
Beings like Shakespeare, Solomon, Gandhi or Tesla are just a few who were sent down by the Celestial order. Jesus is called King Melchizedek, because of the purity of his being and his perfection as a master of the laws of the Universe. The order of Melchizedek has been accompanying the evolution of the planet from the beginning of times. It will continue providing instructions and assistance to all those who hear and listen to their own hearts, connected to the light web. It teaches human beings how to liberate themselves from the limits of dogmatic thoughts and existential pain, providing for a slow, but concise guideline to understand how everything happens, minimizing the struggle for evolution.
Hermes himself is directing a new establishment of the electromagnetic Web, which is destined to circle the Earth in its seventh Golden Age. It was only when Atlantis existed that the conditions were synchronized in order to support the first Web. Now, after 10,000 years, the second Web, superimposed on the second one, will definitely complete the whole project, but in order for beings to be reached by this frequency, they will have to connect all in the same vibration zone.
The Web was not, and will not, under any circumstances, be taken as a religion, nor the Energy Point be adored as a sacred object. They are creations for the evolution of human consciousness and for developing the potential of each being who presently lives on the earth, aiming toward a Higher Consciousness of the Universe.
The Web will initiate a road toward Light and will focus human consciousness, vibrating at the same frequency than the waves of the universal language that the light of Christ uses to transmit or receive message, either in an intuitive form or as insights, it will be the super highway to evolution for the next few years.


When connected to the subtle-spiritual level of the Web, the functions of the ENERGY POINT will enable people to:
THE ENERGY POINT was conceived in order to complete the electromagnetic Web on the Earth.
It is an instrument for peace, cooperation and wisdom, and it will be used for that purpose in the next millennium. Only beings in tune with a high frequency will have complete access to incredible results; the people who are at a low frequency, or adopt a pattern of values that are just geared to material profit, dogmatism, disturbance, violence, insecurity, etc. will not have access to that instrument, on the contrary, the characteristics described tend to become more acute, as the low frequency waves tend to become disorderly and completely confused, in terms of their frequency, before the high frequency waves, causing transformations in referential and strange behavior in relation to the Energy Point.
On the other hand, people with a frequency of good vibrations and oscillations will feel a great sense of peace, tranquility and an energy that will get to stimulate the being, its capacity to meditate and also will provide a connection with the Creator such as they have never felt before, plus fantastic insights as solutions to problems, or excellent ideas at work, etc.
As I have already said, the importance of the Energy Point is to promote personal light in any place, connecting all beings on this planet or from other dimensions or universes.

by Cosmo F. Pacetta.
19/06/2002 – 18:00